Friday, January 15, 2010

.18 Frozen Veggies & .05 Hunt's at Fry's!

I made a quick trip to Fry's today for some more .88 Bird's Eye frozen veggies. There are lots of .35/1 MQs (check the right side of my blog for insert dates) which double to .70, making these .18 each. I've seen these free before, but .18 each isn't bad either.
I also grabbed some Hunt's tomato sauce with this .50/2 Hunt's IPQ (either here or here.) They were .59 each, so .04 each after doubled Q. There is also a Shortcuts eQ for .45/3 Hunts tomato or pasta sauce. I thought it might come off, but it didn't. I use a lot more tomato sauce than canned tomatoes, so I stuck with the sauce.
Last but not least, there is a money maker deal on Pillsbury Grands. They are 10 for $10. Use this .50/1 Pillsbury IPQ. Also, load the cellfire & shortcuts .30/2 eQs to your card. The IPQs make these free, all the eQ deductions will be overage. I had these in my cart today, but I got a strict cashier who wouldn't double these for me. I put them back until I can find a more lenient cashier & make some $!
Today, I also stopped by Target for the great 75% off toy sale. By the time my lunch rolled around, both Targets were completely picked over. I really was looking to grab a Playskool Sit n Spin for .98 after Q, but there were none to be found. There wasn't anything really worth spending money on. My daughter is still pretty young & has no concept of presents yet. I am safe to be cheap for a little while longer. :) Check out KC and her AWESOME haul at Desert Deals Diva! Great job!


  1. Hi Millory Fam -

    Where do you find the milk brand that is "Real California" milk for the Q's. I've noticed you've only used the Q's @ Safeway.

    Any luck w/ Albies or Fry's?

  2. Hi Evers Fam- I only use the Real CA dairy Qs at Safeway because that's the only place I've seen the Real CA seal. Lucerne brand dairy is packaged in Pleasanton, CA so I've been able to use those Qs on any Lucerne dairy products. I haven't seen the Real CA seal at Fry's or Albies. Hope that helps!


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