Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CVS - Free Chips, Salsa, & Soda!

CVS has an awesome sale going on this week- time to stock up for the Super Bowl! My favorite is $10 EB wyb $20 in Tostitos/Pepsi and other products. I also purchased 6 12 packs of soda (3 Diet Dr. Pepper & 3 Pepsi Max) but it was raining last night when I got home. I was not about to haul 6 12 packs of soda into the house for a picture, just to put them back in my car so they can go to work with me.

Here's how I got 4 bags of chips, 2 dips, & 6 12 packs of soda for free...

3.50 Tostitos (4)
2.99 & 3.69 Tostitos dips
20.68 subtotal
-5/20 CVS IPQ (print here)
-1/1 Tostitos IPQ (4)
-Free Dip wyb 2 Tostitos chips products tearpad MQ (2) found these at Fry's
5.00 paid with $4 EB & $1 on giftcard
Received $10 EB = $5.00 profit!

3.33 Diet Dr. Pepper (3) 6 for $20 soda sale
3.33 Pepsi Max (3) 6 for $20 sale
19.98 subtotal
-5/20 CVS IPQ
14.98 paid with EB, earned $10 EB = 4.98 cost

FINAL SUMMARY = .02 profit!

If you do this deal, check the right side of my blog for the Coors rebate to make even MORE money!


  1. When you read the fine print of the coors rebate it does not include AZ. Do you know if it will work or not?

  2. Anon- Great question! There are 4 different offers within the Coors rebate. If you live in AZ, you must purchase Coors beer, (pages 1 & 3). If you do not live in AZ, you do not have to purchase the beer (pages 2 & 4). I have some out of state readers, so I posted the entire rebate for everyone to pick the best scenario for their location.

  3. how do you get to use the CVS coupon? It doesn't look like it is suppose to be printed and only for use in CA?

  4. Anon- The CVS coupon does not restrict its use to California. It was published online in a California newspaper. All CVS registers are coded to accept this coupon. If it were only meant for California CVS customers, only California CVS stores would have this programmed in their registers. They have had past coupons with state restrictions, but this does not impose any limits. I have never had any problem using this coupon in Arizona. I make sure to always read the fine print for any restrictions and this coupon has no geographical limits.

  5. Do you mind telling where in Fry's you found the coupon for the free dip? I am not good at finding those tearpads. Would it by any chance be near the chips and dip? :)

  6. As always girl... I love your couponing guts! Good work on this one & thanks for the tip. For some reason I couldn't find the tostitos Q :( ... but I'm might give the deal a shot w/out 'em. You're awesome! Thanks!

  7. Renee- I found the free dip Qs on a Super Bowl cardboard display near the front of the store. It was not in the chips aisle. It was a tearpad. I had a friend find some tonight, so I know they are still out there! I have also read reports that there might be some at CVS on the freezer doors... maybe near the beer? I hope you can find them!

    J- I love your couponing guts too! You always find the best hidden deals local to AZ. Good luck with that CVS deal and tell James I am so proud that he went coupon hunting. :) This reminds me of the Powerade coupon hunt at QT this past summer.

  8. :) He is a great couponer isn't he :D I did this deal & got all the stuff above for about $14 OOP (w/out the $1/1 tostitos Q's) & still have a $10 EB left! So... $4 overall! Not bad for all that loot!!! I soooo appreciate you catching this one... I would have never put this one together. I have about 3 family parties between now and the end of march so all this soda will help cut cost on that. Thx again!!!

  9. I found some of the free dip wyb 2 tostitos coupons at Target yesterday! Thanks for the heads up on these.

  10. Renee- Yay! I am so glad you were able to find some! You can use them at Wags for sure and I think CVS too. Great work and good job for not giving up!

  11. Renee- I was talking about the weekly deals on chips and dips at Wags and possibly CVS .... obviously you can use them at any store. :) Just wanted to clarify.


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