Friday, March 26, 2010

I heart Target this week!

I have been seriously neglecting all my regular grocery stores for the awesome Target deals this week!

I grabbed some more super cheap board games for my gift closet. Connect 4 was $3.00, Monopoly & Battleship were $2 each. I got the last Battleship on the shelf, so I got a raincheck for my last coupon. I love going shopping in my "gift closet" for family members birthdays, holidays, and donations. It's so much more cost effective to plan gifts in advance, get them for free or cheap, and then not have to spend a ton of money and stress at the last minute.

I've been reading on the coupon boards about some drama with the beach towel coupons. The Mesa Target at Gilbert & Southern had completely removed their towels from the Dollar Spot. There wasn't even a tag for it and I know they were there earlier in the week. Very sneaky Mesa Central Target... very sneaky. Mesa East Target had plenty of towels left. I only grabbed one because I wasn't sure what kind of cashier I was going to be dealt. Had I known I was going to get the cashier of the year, I would have grabbed 10 towels! She pushed everything through and didn't treat me like a criminal for using coupons. I almost forgot I was at Target! I have already written to Target corporate about how pleasant she was to deal with. I always make sure to recognize great customer service. I don't want to be a Negative Nancy and only report the grumpy cashiers. :)

I was able to get really cute birthday cards for 17 cents each ... and you can too! Stock up for the year now - greeting card deals are few and far between. Target has Carlton Brand cards for as low as 50 cents each (maybe lower - I didn't look for anything cheaper). Buy in sets of three so you can use this $1.00/3 Carlton brand internet printable coupon (it's a PDF too!) and get 3 for $1 or 17 cents each wyb 6+. I plan on stocking up on all sorts of cards for the year. One of my resolutions this year is to remember to send out cards and gifts for brithdays. Since having my baby, I have really become unorganized and slacked off. I have a new system of writing out all the cards for the month on the 1st and mailing them each Monday. Hopefully this will force me to be a better family member!

My Target purchases totaled 15.50 plus tax and was paid with a Target gift card. See my earlier post here for more Target deals including $1 pillows, solar lights, and the "Toy Story" DVDs. Hurry and cash in on these Target deals - the board games sale price is only good through Saturday!


  1. Great job ! I am going tomorrow to get Battleship...I'm just worried they'll be out...I'm going to a Target in South Chandler tho, hopefully they still have some ... we'll see! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Sheryl! If they are out, definitely get a raincheck. They are good for 60 days (at least) and then you can grab Battleship for $9 at your leisure. :) Make your own Battleship sale!

  3. I printed out the coupon for the greeting cards. It says American Greetings and "offer excludes cards priced .99 cents or less".
    I'm confused???

  4. Anon- That is so strange. I printed out 5 copies of this coupon earlier in the month (from the same link) and there were 2 coupons -one for 1.00/2 cards priced 2.99 or more and then the one I used 1.00/3 which has no exclusions. I bet the greeting card company updated their coupons because the 1.00/2 isn't even at that link anymore. Well, I would still take it to Target or Walmart and look for some cards priced 1.29 or somewhere around there. Still a good deal. Sorry I didn't check the link again before posting it. :)

  5. How do you get so many Target coupons if it only lets you print 1?

  6. Anon- Thanks for the comment! When I need multiples of the Target coupons, I print more at work. If you don't have access to more computers, you can print some from the public library or ask friends and neighbors to print some for you. :)

  7. I found Connect 4 at Target and am so excited to teach my daughter this game. I used to love it. I had a lot of problems with Target yesterday in Tucson with the Target printables, so I'm wondering if there is a corporate wide crack down going on. I only had 3 solar light coupons and 3 Air Wick coupons and after she scanned them in just fine she started reading the fine print and said the register would only "let" me use 1. I said didn't you already just scan those? So, she voided the other 2 off. I don't get what the big deal is about using multiple Target coupons considering it is such a minor loss to the company, but I guess I'll have to be more selective about what deals I do there.

  8. Renee- Target is so hit and miss with their coupon tolerance level. It's always a gamble walking up to the check out stands. The coupons do say one per transaction, but I have never had a cashier deny me splitting up transactions. I just don't understand the thought process behind the madness of splitting up one transaction into 10. They don't deny any coupons, so to me, it just seems like a big waste of time to both Target and the customer. Oh well, I'll play by Target's crazy rules if it means I get great deals!


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