Thursday, March 4, 2010

Burning EBs at CVS

I had about $30 in EB expiring this week with not-so-great deals at CVS. I definitely would have skipped CVS this week if I had a choice. Oh well, I was able to grab 2 printer cartidges for no OOP so that is definitely a valuable purchase, considering all the printable coupons I use! The printer cartridge deal is a $10 EB wyb 2 cartridges. Some are as low as 19.99, mine were 26.99 each. I used the Nature's Bounty BOGO sale & its overage to help cover the cost.

26.99 HP ink cartridge
7.99 Nature's Bounty fish oil (2) BOGO sale
34.98 subtotal
-5.00/1 Nature's Bounty IPQ (2)
24.98 + 2.82 tax = 27.80 paid with 23.98 EB, 3.82 on giftcard
Received $1 EB from green bag tag
SUMMARY: 26.80 cost

26.99 HP ink cartridge
7.99 Nature's Bounty fish oil (4) BOGO sale
42.97 subtotal
-5.00/1 Nature's Bounty IPQ (4)
22.97 + 3.38 tax = 26.35 paid with 14.00 EB, 12.35 cash
Received $10 EB
SUMMARY: 16.35 cost

FINAL SUMMARY: 43.15 cost or 22.00 each

WalMart sells these for $24, so I feel good about this purchase. Plus, the 12.35 cash I used came out of my rebate money, so I didn't actually add any OOP cost to my budget. Buying 2 printer cartridges with "CVS money" is much better than spending actual money. Plus, I have a $10 EB that doesn't expire until April!

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