Friday, March 19, 2010

5.18 profit at Wags!

I haven't been to Wags in several weeks, but a combination of sickness in my home & great medicine deals drew me in! The Nature's Bounty overage wasn't too bad either.
6.49 Nature's Bounty vitamins (6) BOGO sale 1.76 overage each
5.00 Vicks plug-in vaporizer & refills (4) $1 each
2.49 Puffs tissues FREE
4.00 Neosporin (3) .50 each, Free after RR
3.79 character Band-Aids (3) .29 each, .21 overage each after RR
3.99 Colgate toothpaste $1 profit
69.32 subtotal + 3.99! tax. Geez!
-5.00/1 Nature's Bounty IPQ (6)
-1.50/1 any Vicks product MQ 2/21 PG (4) these are beepers!
-Free Puffs wyb 2 Vicks products MQ 2/7 PG
-3.00/2 wyb Band Aids + Neosporin (3) 2/21 SS
-2.00/1 Band Aids (3) from Wag's Children's Activity Book
-2.00/1 Neosporin (3) from Wag's Children's Activity Book
-2.00 RR the cashier gave me because the last customer left it behind
7.83 subtotal + 3.99 tax = 11.82 total
Paid with Wags giftcard, earned $17 RR
3.00 Neosporin, 4.00 Colgate, 10.00 Vicks
SUMMARY: 5.18 profit

I was hoping to find some clearanced 2.29 Band-Aids I'd been hearing about, but the shelves were empty. Oh well, I made some serious profit on this trip and got lots of usable things for my sick family.

Have you guys tried these little plug-in vaporizers? They are fantastic! They're easy to use, very effective, and safe to use on babies as small as 3 months. I rely on these when my baby has congestion and can't sleep, since you aren't allowed to give them cold medicine until they are much older.

I've been out of Neosporin for awhile, so I was excited for a last minute deal before the Wags Children's Activity Book Qs expire at the end of the month.

The Nature's Bounty IPQs (link here) are part of a rewards program. When you buy Nature's Bounty vitamins and enter the codes on their site, you earn points towards super high value coupons. And - you can print these coupons 6 times! I will definitely be entering these 6 codes for more coupon savings!

These deals and sale prices run through Saturday at midnight, so go make some money at Wags!

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