Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Barilla pasta at Bashas!

It's time to pull out those .55/1 Barilla MQs from the 3/7 SS inserts! Bashas has Barilla pasta on sale for $1.00, so after these MQs double, you're getting pasta free! The coupons are for the Whole Grain & Piccolini variety. My Bashas was completely picked over - all they had left were the regular kind. As I was staring at the empty Barilla shelves with a despondent look on my face, the store manager came over and offered to take the Whole Grain coupons on the regular Barilla! How nice was that? I had 10 coupons, so I grabbed 10 boxes, and paid zero OOP (no tax either)!

Here are my last minute round-ups for Tuesday- the last day of the sales week:

.50 Snickers
-.50/2 2/21 RP (doubled to $1.00/2)
= 2 free Snickers!

1.00 Barilla pasta
-.55/1 3/7 SS* (doubled to $1.00/1)
*Check your La Voz papers this week for more Barilla MQs. I got 5 newspapers/inserts free at my local Circle K gas station!

2.00 La Victoria enchilada sauce
-4.00/2 La Vic IPQ (2) from rewards program here
=2 for free!

"Buy 5, Save $5" deal/BC fruit snacks cat - see my deals here and here

1.28 strawberries

9.99 Star Olive Oil (the big size!) is on BOGO sale
Use 2 free Star product Qs (up to $4 value) from online survey 2 months ago
Or Use $3.00/1 hangtags (2)
=As low as .99 each!
UPDATE: This deal just got more amazing! Cellfire & Shortcuts have EQs for Star Olive Oil (17 oz.+) available to load. I just loaded them up, so I'll be getting my olive oil for .49 each - WOWZA!

1.00 Colgate Total (when you buy 3 or more)
Use $1 coupons from the inserts they are free!
Plus, use a 1.00/1 SW coupon from "Healthy Heart Products" booklet
=$1 profit!
What will you be running around town for?


  1. Safeway has the Barilla Pasta for only .88 ea. too. So this is a little MM.

    I hope this continues, I'd like to get some more Q's :)

    Thx Kim for the HU!! on the Snickers, looks like I'll be heading to Basha's tomorrow.

  2. I have the Star eq for Cellfire, but didn't see it on my Shortcuts. Thanks for the deal.

  3. Looks like its time to load up on pasta or maybe just rainchecks (depending on how things go) I've really been out of it lately and this is just what I needed to get my couponing butt rolling again ;) Thanks for the highlights girl!!! As always YOU'RE AWESOME!!!


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