Monday, March 29, 2010

Fry's paid me to take $121 in groceries home!

Tuesday is the last day of the March to Savings - "Buy 8, Save $4" sale so clip your coupons and get over there for money making Ronzoni pasta, Bumble Bee tuna, and tons of freebies!

(*'d items are included in March to Savings promotion)
*.79 Ronzoni pasta (18) .09 overage each
*.49 Bumble Bee tuna (2) .50 overage each
*1.00 Dial hand soap (3) FREE
* .38 Powerade Zero
.99 Fleischmann's yeast (8) FREE
4.99 Airwick Freshmatic I-Motion (5) .01 overage each
2.08 Fuji apples (1.29/lb.)
$10.00 Fry's giftcard
1.78 tax
65.31 subtotal
-.75/1 (18) Ronzoni IPQ (see this post for links)
-.55/1 Bumble Bee tuna MQ 2/21 SS (2)
-.35/1 Dial MQ 3/7 RP (3)
-.40/1 Fleischmann's MQ (8) (11/8, 12/6, & 3/21 SS)
-5.00/1 any Airwick I-Motion MQ 3/7 SS (5)
9.31 subtotal (paid with (2) 2.50 OYNOs & 4.31 on giftcard)
SUMMARY: .69 profit
I wanted to get rid of the (2) 2.50 OYNOs because they were expiring soon so I rolled all of my "Fry's money" onto one giftcard. So much more convienent. I love stocking up on pasta (especially when its profitable) and this was easy to do because you can print six coupons per computer! The expiration dates on the Ronzoni are all in 2012, so this is good food storage for my family. I'm glad I got Fry's out of the way today, I have a big Safeway trip ahead of me tomorrow!


  1. WOW!! Great job! I am headed over to Fry's in the a.m. to finish my deal for this current ad. I also stocked up on - I think we'll be seeing alot of pasta in our future! ha! :) You did good!!

  2. -5.00/1 any Airwick I-Motion MQ 3/7 SS (5)
    This coupon is for the larger size airwick

    There is a coupon for the compact size but it's only $4 off.
    -4.00/1 any 1 Airwick Freshmatic Compact

  3. Anon- I thought the same thing, but my coupon says "ANY I-Motion" - it is different from the Arizona version because I bought my papers in California that weekend. Arizona got the $4.00/1 MQ also (like you said), but Southern California only got the one 5.00/1. Since its a regional MQ, you might be able to find some of the ones I had for sale online. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Hello there. I am so impressed with the deals you score! I have a question for you... can you explain how you did this: "I rolled all of my "Fry's money" onto one giftcard".

  5. Hi Andrea! Thanks for the comment. When I mentioned "Fry's money", I was referring to multiple Fry's gift cards with small denominations and a couple of OYNO coupons. These catalinas didn't have any restrictions about buying giftcards with them, so I used those and my Fry's giftcards to pay for my groceries and any overage went towards one giftcard.


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