Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Great Links & Upcoming Deals

If you have a minute, check out these links for some great coupons & money saving ideas...

KC over at Desert Deals Diva has a great post here about the Fry's "March to Savings" online instant win game. I won a king sized Reese's and she won a $5 store credit! You can play once a day and prized are loaded right onto your card. How fun!

Queen over at My Brain is Inside Out has a link here for a new $20 coupon booklet from Kraft and P&G. I'm excited for this one to arrive becaus it has coupons for Capri Sun and Kraft Velveeta cups - both of which I need to finish up my $20 Kraft rebate.

This week, I received my $10 Kellogg's Special K rebate check. This brings my rebate total for the year to $48.50! I love turning free products into cash!

The new grocery sale week starts tomorrow. Here are some things that look promising to me:

$10 cat wyb $25 in participating frozen foods
1.88 milk
Mix n Match Cheese Sale - 1.49 Kraft & Sargento, 1.99 Precious
.50 Yoplait yogurt cups

.88 Pillsbury items with possible cat deal?
Prevacid deal (details here at My Southwest Savings)

Also, be on the lookout for a new Safeway coupon booklet filled with $18 in Safeway store coupons. It's called "Love Your Heart" and it's all about promoting healthy products. Krazy Coupon Lady has a picture of the booklet and a full listing of all included coupons. Grab these and use them quick- the expiration date is 3/23/10! Only 3 weeks to use these! And remember, you can combine store Qs with MQs!


  1. Just a quick mote to say hi :) I subscribe tithe SD forum and TOTALLY appreciate all the deals you post. Your blog is very helpful!! I hit up Safeway yesterday and got TP & paper towels but the $3 x 2 didn't come off. CS gave me cash back but were totally lame about it... I'm thinking there aren't any SDrs in my neighborhood LOL Looking forward to the Frys deals this week!

    (43rd & Bell in Glendale)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I am happy to hear you find valuable deals for your family on my blog. I am also excited about Fry's - I'll post as soon as I jump in. :)

  3. Fry's has a digital Q $10/1 on the Prevacid - so $6 MM after rebate.

  4. Evers- The more I look at this Prevacid deal, the more I like it! Thanks for that info - I'll probably try this out early next week.


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