Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So long Safeway's Frozen Foods deal, I'll miss you!

So, turns out my Safeway trip was not as big as I originally thought it would be. I realized a lot of the deals I was chasing didn't end with this sales cycle. So no need to rush! In sad news, the March Frozen Foods deal at Safeway ended yesterday. :(
I did one more Frozen Foods run at Safeway yesterday and grabbed 10 more Michael Angelo's dinners for 25 cents each. They were 2.50 each and I used 5 B1G1 internet printable coupons. I also had 5 1.00/1 internet printable coupons, but they wouldn't scan. All the coupons from Michael Angelo's site were kind of fuzzy, so I wasn't surprised they were denied. All in all, I paid 2.50 OOP and earned another $10 Frozen Foods OYNO.

Now, onto this week's sales! I will be posting my favorite deals for this week in just a bit, so stay tuned!


  1. I totally wanted to hit up some stores yesterday, but we had a sickie kid here, so a no go! Bummer on the $1 Qs! Those Michael Angelos Qs are such a bummer, given that they are directly from the manufacturer and they can't manage to send a "good" coupon to print!!
    Still $0.25 is a good price!!

  2. Hi
    I have been folllowing your blog for a long time but have never posted. I do love your blog by the way!
    Anyway I saw u posted on sd about safeway on southern and val vista. I have had the WORST experiences there. And its always one of two older ladies. Anyways I vented to the store manager and now I just do everything I can to avoid them. I even changed my shopping habits. I used to go on wed now I go during the weekend..
    what a pain


  3. KC- Total bummer on the MA IPQs! It's so irritating because they were totally legit coupons. The manufacturer just sent them out with a crappy print quality. I hate when they won't scan because I don't want to give my regular stores any reason to think I am being shady. Oh well. I wasn't too upset about paying 25 cents a piece - my husband likes them a lot, so its a quick dinner which always makes me happy!

    Teresa- Thanks for the comment! I was debating on whether or not to post about that experience. I figured I should calm down before deciding on anything. I was so mad! I think I will recap it for the greater good of the couponing commuity. :) Stay tuned for that and thanks for the reiteration about that specific store. I know EXACTLY who you are talking about- they both hate me, so I avoid them (and their shifts) like the plague.


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