Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fry's Cart Buster event = 4.63 cost!

I did 2 transactions at Fry's today to jump into the "Cart Buster" sale this week. I have 2 different cards - one is a Kroger card from when I lived back east and one is a Fry's card that I got when I moved to Arizona - so I did one transaction on each card. I loaded up my eQs and headed out to bust my cart! Note- BC means Betty Crocker
Here's what I got:
1.50 BC cookie mix (2) -.40/1 IPQ, -.40/1 eQ (2) = .30 each
1.50 BC frosting (2) -.50/1 IPQ, -.50/1 eQ (2) = FREE
1.50 BC Warm Delights (2) -.50/1 IPQ, -.50/1 eQ (2) = FREE
.88 BC potatoes (2) -.40/1 IPQ, -.40/1 eQ = .32 overage each
2.27 Fiber One bars (8) -.50/1 MQ (8) 3/7 SS, -1.60 eQs = .45 each
3.49 Kraft cheese (won from Fry's March to Savings game) = FREE
10.99 Prevacid (2) -6.00/1 IPQ, -6.00/1 Fry's eQ = 1.01 overage
2.69 Axe deodorant (clearanced) -2/1 Fry's Axe cat = .69
TOTAL AFTER COUPONS: 9.63 paid on Fry's giftcard
Earned (2) 2.50 CATs for buying 4 Fiber Ones in one transaction
SUMMARY: 4.63 cost

I had a pretty awesome mail day today too!
I was selected to host a DiGiorno home party and I was so excited to see the host package arrive today. There were lots of great things included - an apron, party favors (red beaded necklaces & button pins), decorations, games, and the best thing of all COUPONS! There are 6 coupons for free DiGiorno pizzas (to supply the party) and a ton of $4.00/1 DiGiorno Qs to hand out to party guests. How fun!

I also received my free Cat's Pride cat litter MQ from signing up on Catster (value up to $7.00!) see details here. I also received the newest "Home Made Simple" coupon booklet with a expiration date in May. This is good news because my current collection of these books expires at the end of this month.


  1. I'm hosting a Digiorno party TOO!!! Go Us!!! Hey... how did you receive your party pack so quick? I still haven't recieved mine. I'm a little impatient.

  2. J- I bet you'll get your package today or tomorrow. The parties are supposed to be held March 20th, so they've got to send them out soon!

  3. Thanks for the info on the Prevacid deal!! Also one other deal I found was Yoplait delights are on sale for $2.00 and cellfire has a 1.00 off and then BC website has a 1.00 IPQ makes them free :)

  4. If I upload the $.40 off Nature Valley and buy 3 boxes, will I get $.40 off of every box? I'm kind of new at this.

  5. Hi Anon- Don't worry, we were all new at one point. :) If you load the .40/1 Nature Valley EQs (one at cellfire & one at shortcuts) both will come off when you buy 1 box at Frys. At Safeway, if you have multiple .40/1 Nature Valley EQs loaded that you have accumulated over a month or so, they will all come off when you buy 1 box. If you look at my Safeway "buy 5, save $5" transaction, I purchased one Nature Valley nut cluster, but 5 EQs came off. Those EQs are tricky - let me know if you have any other questions. You are doing great!


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