Monday, March 22, 2010

.50 beach towels & cheap board games at Target!

What a fun shopping trip to Target today! All their summer stuff is out in the $1 spot and it makes me want to lake and enjoy this 80 degree weather in March! We are so lucky to live here ... I may change my tune when June & July get here. :)

Anyway, the beach towels are in the Dollar Spot and are priced at $2.50 each. They aren't super good quality, but for .50, who cares? Use this $2.00/1 beach towel Target printable coupon to get each one for .50. The coupon fine print does say one per transaction, so its up to your cashier to decide if they want to split them into seperate transactions. Mine didn't care and just put them into one transaction. Also, be aware these coupons are beepers. But don't worry, there is no reason for them to be denied - the tag says "beach towel" right on it, so it's a pretty easy determination that they are valid coupons. Just be prepared to show the cashier that tag wording in case they give you any trouble.

There are lots of board games on sale - the highlights are Monopoly & Connect 4 for $7 each. This is already a great price, but right now, there are printable coupons for $4.00/1 Connect 4 game and $5.00/1 Monopoly game! Print them twice here. Using these coupons, you can get Connect 4 for $3 & Monopoly for $2! I have read on some coupon boards that people are stacking the $3.00/1 Hasbro Target coupon with the $4.00/1 Connect 4 IPQ to get the games free. Don't do this - the Hasbro Target coupon is only valid on Connect 4x4, which is priced around $20. Check out the other coupons available to print on Target's site. I've seen a couple of other bloggers scoring pillows and solar lights for $1 each!

Monday was a great mail day. I love it when there are more freebies and coupons than bills. :) Today, I received a free P&G Brand Sampler I requested online. It contained 3 Pampers diapers & coupons, Metamucil samples & coupons, and a P&G booklet with some different coupons including $3.00/1 Tide Stain Release! I also got my free Kraft Philly Cream Cheese First Taste MQ to test out their new singles serving size product. They also sent a $1.00/1 MQ for the same product to give to a friend. And last, but not least, my free magazine of the day is Surfing magazine. I don't necessarily read that one, but it always gives me great trade credit at Bookmans! Now, we wait for a good sale to use these valuable coupons. The moral of the story: request free samples because the accompanying coupons are always amazing!

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  1. Went to target & scored on the beach towels, solar lights, & connect4. Thanks for the deals!
    I think my son is old enough to enjoy connect4 so I'm really excited to add that to his Easter basket! I might even throw the beach towels in their baskets too ;) that might be cute. The solar lights however will not end up in my kids easter baskets (don't worry)


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