Monday, August 31, 2009

:( No more doubles at Kmart! (sniff, sniff)

Cost $15.12

Since my Kmart was already cleaned out by Monday morning, I decided to make a diapers deal out of the last double coupon event this year. I had a $5 Kmart cat that was going to expire today so I rolled that into this deal.

19.99 Huggies diaper box
-$2/1 Huggies PDF Q (2) doubled
15.99 subtotal
-5.00 cat
10.99 + 1.05 tax = 12.04 OOP
Earned $5 Kmart cat wyb Huggies box

4.39 Tag body spray .39
2.19 Dentek flossers .19
2.00 Nature's Source cleaner (4) FREE
1.00 Reese's 8 pack FREE
9.99 Huggies Supreme 5.99
25.57 subtotal
-2/1 Huggies PDF Q
-2/1 Tag body spray MQ
-1/1 Nature's source peelie (4)
-.55/1 Reese's MQ
-1/1 Dentek IPQ
6.57 subtotal
-5.00 Huggies Kmart cat
1.57 subtotal + .87 tax = 2.44 OOP

2.69 Degree deodorant (4)
10.76 subtotal
-2/1 Degree MQ (4)
0 subtotal + .64 tax = .64 paid OOP

SUMMARY = $15.12 cost (not bad for over 100 diapers)


  1. I am soo thrilled to find your blog! I just got into the crazy world of coupons and have been following other blogs but all were in other states. It is great to find someone in AZ! THANK YOU so much for all your effort in helping others save money too!

  2. Julie- Thanks for visiting & thanks for the comment! I am glad you found my blog too! I have lots of links on the right side to AZ specific blogs to help you locally save all kinds of money. Happy saving!

  3. where did you get your pdf huggies coupon for 2 dollars. we are always in need of the lovely diapers is it still available? if so can I get the link somehow thanks

  4. It is not posted online anymore, but I saved it to my computer so I could just print and use them as necessary. They don't expire until next year, so I say print away! Leave me your email address and I will email it to you. Thanks for visiting!

  5. its thanks agian for all your insights


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