Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Target (Round 2), CVS, & Wags

Well, it has been a few days, so I decided to return to the Target battle today. The Schick deal lured me in. My friend, the crazy shift leader, was not there (so sad), which means ... I had a GREAT trip!
Target - $1.50 cost
CVS - $2.07 cost
Wags - $1.90 profit
SUMMARY - $1.67 cost
1.00 GM cereal cups (5) FREE
.52 skittles (6) .48 overage
6.94 women's Schick Quattro razor 1.06 overage
6.99 men's Schick Quattro razor 1.01 overage
8.49 women's Schick Quattro refills .49
8.27 women's Schick Quattro refills .27
8.94 men's Schick Quattro refills (2) .94
1.29 bread- to cover overage, just in case
57.98 subtotal
-4/1 Target Schick MQ (6)
-4/1 Schick MQ (6)
-1/1 Skittles target IPQ (6) - 1 adjusted to .43/1 to avoid negative subtotal
-1/1 GM cereal Target Q (5)- 1 adjusted to .55/1 to avoid negative subtotal
0 subtotal + 1.50 tax = 1.50 paid OOP
The nice younger male cashier told me I could only use one coupon on the razors because it said one per purchase, but I politely explained to him that a purchase is one item and I was using one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon per item. He was okay with that explanation and he pushed my beeping cereal coupons through. I'm so relieved I didn't have to call corporate again. One of the cashiers recognized me and she was watching me like I was concealing a weapon.
I also stopped by Wags and CVS.
At Wags, I needed to roll a $2 RR that was going to expire today. I grabbed a toothbrush and earned a $3RR.
CVS was out of Glade candles, so I just did the Nabisco cookie deal. Buy 5 for $1 each, get $1 eb. I used 2 $1/2 MQs, so I paid $2 for 5 boxes of cookies. I paid with EBs and .07 cash.
I don't want to press my luck, but maybe I'll try Target again later in the week. I am LOVING the free cereal and skittles!


  1. Where were you able to find the $4 Target qs on the Schick? I heard they were in the SS8/30 but must have been regional since the AZ Republic did not have them. TIA!

  2. I was in CA last weekend, so I picked up a couple of newspapers there. I can't believe they were in the Southern California papers, but not Arizona! How much more "regional" can you get? If I had any extras, I would absolutely share, but I used them all yesterday. I'm sorry!

  3. No problem, thanks for offering! Good timing on the trip to CA! :)

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