Monday, August 31, 2009

I really hate Target on Gilbert & Southern.

My bad Target experience happened on Friday and here I am on Monday still fuming about it. I won't give you a play by play, but here's the short version...

The crazy shift leader would not take any coupon that beeped. She talked over me when I tried to explain to her why the coupon was beeping (it was an overage, she just needed to adjust it down). She said she would only accept coupons for the items pictured on the coupon no matter what the wording said. I really really really want to black list her name all over this blog, but I think that's slander.
Bottom line: I spent over 3 hours trying to educate 2 Target cashiers, 1 shift leader, and one store manager on their own corporate coupon policies. I had to call corporate from the red "bat phone" on the wall at guest services. Corporate informed the crazy shift leader that she needed to accept my coupons. She huffed and puffed, slammed my coupons on the desk... the whole bit. Whatever. I walked out with my freebies.

The most ironic part of this whole ordeal was when she finally accepted that they would have to take my coupons, she sent me through a younger teenage guy's lane who, wouldn't you know it, pushed through everyone of my coupons with no complaint, combined everything into one transaction, and gave me overage too! Too bad he wasn't on the clock when the whole fiasco started 3 hours earlier. I love Target and their inconsistent coupon policies. *sarcastic tone*

1.00 General Mills cereal cups (5) FREE
.52 Skittles (4) .48 overage each
.97 Dove deodorant (3) .03 overage each
.97 Clean & Clear face wash (3) .03 overage each
4.24 Gilette razor (4) 2.24 each
.99 Cottonelle wipes FREE
2.94 Kotex .06 overage
6.80 subtotal + 1.18 tax
7.98 paid OOP (6.02 giftcard, 2.01 cash)
I headed over to CVS to grab some more Poise pads...
2.00 Poise - they only had one left
1.69 CVS soap - free gift via email
1.29 CVS paper towels (2)
-$1/2 CVS paper products CRT
-$1.50/1 Poise CVS Q
-$2/10 CVS CRT
-1.69 free soap email
.08 subtotal + .61 tax = .69 total paid OOP
And I hit one more Wags store for the clearance Zyrtec. I literally have more than 20 bottles of this stuff. My total profit from the Zyrtec deal is over $40. That makes up for the Target disaster I had to deal with on Friday.


  1. I had a bad experience at the Super Target on Power just south of the 202 :( I was so frustrated, she gave me the same crap about it having to match the photo and that she can't size the amount down and that she has to ring each one up separately.... GRRRR. I knocked off a couple of my items because she was ruining my deals :p & then when she told me I couldn't use the skittles coupon b/c it doesn't say "free" on the coupon... I asked to call corporate... and whata ya know... she had a change of heart in a flash. She said... "well I'll do these ones for you" and proceeded to size all 10 of my skittles coupons down to .52 each and even put them all in one transaction. So, she just broke every rule that she just explained to me! I was so MAD! They just try to scare you away and if it doesnt work they brake... dorks. Then she got all super sweet as if that would change my perception of what I just experienced. No thank you... I will be reporting this.

  2. I have had several bad experiences with coupons at that same Target (Gilbert and Southern)! The first time I just left everything there but the second time I argued with the shift-leader with no luck the third time I was feed up argued a bit with the same shift-leader (althoug I don't think she remembered) we went at it for at least 20 minutes she kept telling me that they could only take the coupon if I was buying what was pictured on the coupon!!! Even though the coupon said ANY Johnson & Johnson product!!!!! I was so mad I asked for the store number and called corporate (I wasn't smart enough to call from the store! hahahaha) So I went back and I spoke to the same shift-leader still she wouldn't believe me she called her manager and finally the issue was resolved!!!!!!! I wish they would get their crap together! It's soooo frustrating!

  3. I went back to Target today and got all my stuff with less issues. I mentioned up front (as soon as she started to question my coupons) that I had spoken to corporate and that corporate said the deals were valid and I got my free stuff... although the shift leader did make me and the cashier cut all of the coupons (aparently they can't take them in printed sheets.. hahaha... oh, well, I've had to deal with worse).

  4. I just got back from there and well let say the gilbert and southern location is no tmy favorite one. The cashier sais I am gonna have the same problem with this one. 9 refrencing me ) She then informed me that they can only do 4 alike coupons aka the cereal. I said okay not a problem. the this lady came over and stood over me and the cahsier. just while she was scanning the coupons. Then in the middle of it while she was scanning my coupons the girl standing over me and the cashier told her to go to lunch. when all she had to do was scan my my target couons and i didnt have a ton of stuff very minimal maybe 10-15 items. So then she gave me my total. I replied but you didnt use these coupos she said that I could use multiple target internet printable coupons. I said they are all for different coupons. I tehn told her to take items off since I couldnt usea coupon she told me that she coulnt do that and would have to re ring me and all my stuff. then I told her that I santedmy coupons back she told me I couldnt have them because tshe souldnt open the register I proceed to tell her that I wanted all of my coupons back and she then wouldbnt you lknow opened up the register. so anyways sorry to comment so long but has anything like this happened to youi their before and I am curious to know if this is the same lady. anyways I ran out the store and left since I was in a bit of a hurry. I just dont want that to happen was a nightmare. so what is the ( policy anat target or atleast this location.)

  5. I can't believe that you people are getting mad over Target not handing you free things. Not only is that unreasonable, it is also unethical.


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