Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CVS deals in California!

I've got my mother-in-law hooked on couponing, so while I was on vacation last weekend in California, we hit up CVS. I was so excited to find Electrosol on the shelf because it was cleared out everywhere in Arizona. I only had 2 coupons, but that was ok because I wanted to see if the EBs would print out anyway like they did for Precious. It didn't work for me, but that's ok. $2 per box is ok, especially since I used a gc to pay.

2.29 gallon of milk (not pictured)
7.99 Blink tears - rang up at 9.99
4.50 Electrosol - rang up at 5.49
.99 J&J First Aid Kit (2)
.99 Gold Emblem candy (2)
1.45 tax
24.69 subtotal
-3/1 Blinks Q
-2.50/1 Electrosol Q (2)
-1/1 J&J product (2)
-2/2 CVS candy CRT
13.69 total (paid with 6.83 eb, 6.86 on gc)
Earned $7.99 eb for Blinks & $1 eb for milk - these did not print out, the cashier had to manually print them.

I realized halfway through my transaction that I was trying to do AZ deals in CA. The ads are different, but luckily I had the AZ ad with me and the cashier honored the deals for both me and my mom-in-law. I know the CA CVS stores are in the process of switching over from Longs, but hopefully they get on the same page soon. I'm in CA a lot and this is confusing!

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  1. Yes we get cheated out of several ECB deals here in Ca :-/


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