Thursday, August 27, 2009

I made $27 at Wags today!

Low points from today's Wags trip...
1. The Pop-Tarts are NOT generating a $5 RR wyb 4 as advertised on several blogs.
2. The Listerine RR deal ($3RR wyb 2) is unreliable and I am done gambling on whether or not it will pop out a RR.
High point from today's Wags trip...
Children's Zyrtec on clearance is a MONEYMAKER!

4.00 Listerine (2)
5.99 Got2B (2) - on a B1G1F sale
3.99 Fructis 3 Minute Treatment
3.29 Children's Zyrtec for Hives (2) CLEARANCED FROM $12.99!
1.79 Reach toothbrushes (2)
28.14 subtotal
-$5/25 Wags IPQ
-1.60 for in-ad Wags Q on toothbrushes - took off 1.60 making them .99, it worked this time!
-$3/2 Reach products MQ - gave me $1 overage (I think she scanned this one twice)
-$2/1 Got2B IPQ -The cashier only would take 1 because it beeped. She thought it was because of the B1G1F sale, but I think my coupon/item ratio was off. I've used 2 coupons on a B1G1F sale before.
-$1/1 Listerine MQ
-B1G1F Listerine MQ - took off $4
-$1/1 Garnier product - peelie found in store
-$3/1 any Zyrtec product IPQ (2)- these scanned at $4/1, but the cashier corrected it... darn it. :)
-$1/1 Listerine Wags Activity Book Q - should have taken off $2, but the manager only took off $1 for it because my subtotal was going to be negative. Normally, I would have fought him on that, but he had already been working with me before to use my other coupons. And, I didn't want him to dig TOO deeply and find out that I used the $5/25 first instead of after MQs. That $5 in savings is more valuable to keep than the $1 that didn't get taken off.
.54 subtotal + 1.49 tax
2.03 total paid OOP
Received $7 RR ($2 Garnier, $5 Zyrtec) & $3.24 cash for the Listerine RR.
Once again, the Listerine RR didn't print out. So, the manager had to come back up and deal with me again. He was nice, but is uninformed. He said my RR didn't print out because I used coupons. This is the usual response. I politely explained to him that I understood his logic, but I used coupons on both the Zyrtec & the Garnier and those RR printed. He rang up 2 Listerines, voided the sale, and STILL nothing! So, he just gave me $3.24 cash. I don't know where he came up with that amount, but it was .24 more than I was expecting to get, so win win for me!
SUMMARY - $8.21 profit!
Now onto my Zyrtec Hunt...
Once I realized the Zyrtec was making a profit of $3.89 every time I bought 2, I started making the rounds. I went to 4 different Wags and picked up 10 more. These are PDF coupons, so print away!
Here's what each transaction looked like...
3.29 Children's Zyrtec for Hives (2)
-3/1 Zyrtec IPQ (2)
.58 subtotal + .53 tax = $1.11 OOP
Earned $5RR
SUMMARY - $3.89 profit!
I'll be donating these because I don't have any children 6 and older. Would any of you be able to use this medication? The expiration dates range from 10/09 - 3/10. Let me know... I have plenty. And I have 8 more coupons to use... I love PDF coupons.
SUMMARY FOR THE DAY - $27.66 profit!


  1. Hi! Great deal on the Zyrtec, I thought I saw frugalsuz post about it a few days ago, but I totally spaced it! I am so glad I saw your blog tonight. I will try and go hunting in the morning! Did the coupons beep at all? Cause frugalsuz said they did... and did it auto scan $4 at each store (with them correcting it each time)... Just curious what to expect.

  2. Great deals! You're lucky you were able to find the Zyrtec...I've been searching (well, as much as you can with 2 little ones in 110 degree weather) and have not been able to find them. I have heard that they beep though...

  3. Bummer on the beeping, I will still try. I think I need to resize the Q though, it looks like its a full page!

  4. KC & Born2Save- Thanks for the comments! The Qs only scanned $4 at one store. It's beeping at all the other stores I've been to. It says "Product not sold for this coupon." I haven't had any trouble with the cashiers/managers manually pushing them through because its obvious I am buying a Zyrtec product and it's not the trial size. The Q prints out right in the middle of the page, so I would recommend resizing it (maybe 4 per page) to save paper. Good luck! I've been lucky to find some at almost every store I've been to. The RR deal ends tomorrow so I am hoping you both find some soon!

  5. Wow great job! Can you tell me where you got the got2b coupon? I just searched for one and tried to use it and my walgreens wouldn't take it because they said that there were some counterfit coupons and the one I had was counterfit! I didn't argue but I didn't know if my coupon was legit or not so I didn't push it. Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Becca - Thanks for the comment! My Got2B coupons are big (1/4 of a page)and they take a LOT of black ink. I haven't had any trouble using them, but it doesn't surprise me that they are being counterfeited. They look like they could be copied easily. I would try another Wags store. Good luck!

  7. Wow! I am totally amazed with all of the deals you are finding. We just bought another car so we are trying to scrimp and save. I have a lot to learn. You are my hero!


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