Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Albie's - cost $1.20!

I went to Wags this morning armed with my $5/25 IPQ and had a bad experience! I had 5 of the $5RR from my wipes deal to use before 8/31, so I thought I would stock up on diapers at Wags while the $5/25 Q was valid. Wrongo! The register beeped and said only 1 Wags coupon could be used per transaction. Other register rewards worked, but not the Walgreens Dollars. So sad. I ended up having to rework everything. I threw in some toothbrushes for some overage, but it was ugly. I didn't even take a picture of my purchase because I was so irritated about it. Here's what I bought...

11.49 Huggies (2) Holy toledo! That is a HORRIBLE price on diapers!
.99 Reach toothbrushes (2) - The in-ad Q worked this time
.25 pen (2) fillers
25.46 subtotal
-5/25 IPQ
-3/1 Huggies (2)
-3/2 Reach MQ
11.46 total (paid with $9 in RR & the 2.46 OOP)
Not a terrible OOP but I burned through the wrong RR. The only reason I would buy diapers at Wags is for the deals. So, I had to find another way to use up the Walgreens dollars.

Off to Albie's I went...Good thing Albie's takes RR. They had a pretty good price on paper towels, so I stocked up. We go through SO MANY paper towels. I have tried to convert the boys to drying their hands on a dishrag, but no luck so far.

3.99 Bounty Basic paper towels (2)
1.99 milk (2)
11.96 subtotal
-1/1 Bounty MQ (2) I got these from the Kmart coupon books
-$5 Wags RR (2)
-.04 subtotal + .64 tax = .60 OOP

I repeated this transaction twice, because there is a limit of 2 on both the paper towels and the milk.

I'm sad to see so many RR burned up, but I am happy with my paper towels stockpile. I tried to find ways to roll my RR into another deal, but nothing I figured out would work. I wish they had a longer expiration date like CVS extra bucks. Oh well. I'm sure another smoking deal will come along and I will build my RR reserves back up.

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  1. what kmart coupon books are you talking about where do you find them?


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