Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wags is back! Profit of $15.42!

Walgreens has been lacking for several months now, but this week there is a serious money maker going on! 1.09 Reach clearance toothbrush (3)
.99 Children's Activity Book (2)- full of high value coupons!
.42 tax
5.67 subtotal
-$5/3 Reach/Listerine Q
.67 paid oop, earned $6 RR

I repeated this twice. On the second transaction, the cashier handed the $5/3 coupon back to me. I didn't realize it until later and I decided to press my luck and try for a third round. Bad idea. This is what I call bad coupon karma. I went to a different Wags near my work and they were out of the clearance toothbrushes. I was excited to find clearance floss. I purchased 3 of the flosses for $1.29 each, re-used my $5/3 Q, but no register reward printed out. After studying my receipt, I realized the floss I bought was not included in the deal. The manager wouldn't give me my coupon back because it had already been surrendered, but she did refund me the price of the 3 flosses ($4.67). I should have left well enough alone - that's what I get for trying to be sheisty!

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