Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kmart Double Coupons!

This month's double coupon event was not as great as some of my past adventures. Some of my deals did not work out as planned and I spent more out of pocket than I wanted to.1.99 Nature's Source cleaners (3) FREE
3.50 Scrubbing Bubbles (2) FREE
1.59 Sharpie Markers (5) FREE
4.79 Aveeno baby wash (2) .79 each
4.29 Axe body wash (9) 1.29 each
2.00 Ziplock bags (4) .50 each
4.99 Irish Spring body wash (2) FREE
1.99 Hartz cat treats (2) FREE
6.00 Duracell batteries (7) 1.00 each
4.99 Whiskas cat food (2)
Subtotal before coupons = $147.17
Total paid out of pocket = $27.70
Earned $5 catalina & 3 free movie tickets
All in all, with the movie tickets at $9 these days, I consider this a wash... maybe even profitable!

Here are my notes from my 4 seperate transactions...
Problem #1 - I found an online deal on batteries that ended up not working out. With the deal, the batteries were supposed to be 29 cents each (after catalina). They ended up being $1 each - still not a bad deal.

Problem #2 - The Lindsay/Main Kmart was enforcing the 10 coupon limit, but the Power/Southern Kmart was not. I had to rework some scenarios on the fly which made for some higher out of pocket totals.

Problem #3 - Some crazy coupon lady kiped all the Ponds face wipes from both Mesa locations within 24 hours of the coupon event starting! I was at Kmart when they opened on Monday and they were both cleaned out of Ponds. Oh well, I can't fault a fellow couponer for scoring a good deal. Especially, when I got 9 Ponds packages last month. But I will say that I never cleaned out a shelf. I went to 3 different Kmarts so there were enough for all of us crazy coupon ladies! I'm just jealous. :)

High Points - I earned 3 movie tickets and $5 in catalina savings!

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