Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Burning through expiring extra bucks...

I had a big, fat, ugly $15.16 extra buck expiring today and no good deals to roll them. Batteries are always good to have and so is baby Motrin. So, I'm okay with this trip. And the clearance make-up was a great find!

5.99 CVS batteries (2)
8.29 CVS baby motrin
.99 CVS nuts (2)
.64 & .79 Maybelline clearance
.99 candy corn - filler
.33 caramel - filler
25.00 subtotal
-5/25 CVS Q
-2/10 CVS brand CRT
-1/1 Maybelline MQ
-2/2 CVS nuts CRT
15.00 subtotal + 1.12 tax
Paid with 15.16 extra bucks (adjusted to 15.00), tax paid with gcard.
No EB received :( - it was sad to not have any EB at the bottom of my receipt, but I'm happy with my free motrin & batteries.

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