Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When you HAVE to buy something that's not on sale...

We were out of baby Motrin and my poor little Maddie has 6 teeth cutting through right now - 4 of those are molars! There is no waiting for a stock up sale in this type of situation.

So, instead of heading to Wal-Mart like the old me would have done, I went to CVS to create as little out of pocket as possible.

8.99 CVS brand motrin - egads! That is SOOOO expensive!
.49 & .50 CVS tissues FREE
4.99 Air Wick FREE
.79 clearanced Glade refill FREE
2.99 Colgate .01 profit
.99 CVS lotion 2.01 profit
.50 candy corn - total splurge! These are so yummy!
20.24 subtotal
-5/15 CRT
1/2 CVS tissues CRT
-3/1 any skin care CVS CRT
-6/1 Airwick MQ - adjusted to 4.99, I was hoping for overage on this!
-1/1 Glade MQ- adjusted to .79, I was hoping for overage on this too!
-1/1 Colgate MQ
4.46 + 1.20 tax = 5.66 total (paid with 3.98 eb, 1.68 on giftcard)
Received $2eb
SUMMARY = 3.66 cost

Notes -
1. My tax was definitely higher than it should have been because the cashier added a 1.98eb on as a non-taxable item twice and then took off the 1.98 twice as a cvs mfr coupon. Irritating.

2. I wasn't planning on so much out of pocket. I had a 3/10 any CVS brand purchase CRT that I didn't realize expired! Gotta watch those dates!

All in all, 3.66 is not bad for a full size bottle of motrin, plus all the other stuff I got. Especially considering I didn't have to actually pay anything out of pocket. Much better than just paying $5 or $6 for the equate brand.


  1. that's a great trip! sometimes life dictates you HAVE to buy things that aren't on sale...eesh! my cashiers do the same thing with coupons.....(put them in as taxable items instead of deduct them) very annoying.

  2. Queen is commenting on my blog!?!? OMG I feel like a celebrity has stopped by! I am on your blog all the time and I am constantly amazed by your deals. I have your blog updates on the right side of my screen so I can try to keep up with your great deals. Thanks for the comment & thanks for all your help in saving my family money!


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