Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Safeway & Bashas - FREE!

.50 Campbell's soup (20)
10.00 subtotal
-1/2 Campbell's soup IPQ (10)
0 subtotal

1.50 La Vic enchilada sauce (6)- raincheck price
1.99 milk (2)
1.47 bananas
14.45 subtotal
-$4/2 La Vic rewards IPQ (3)
Should have been a total OOP of .46, but the cashier forgot to ring up 2 of the enchilada sauces. I couldn't figure out why there was so much overage, so I added a second gallon of milk. My total was still negative .55, but I didn't get the change back. As I was driving home and studying my receipt, I realized she only rang up 4 of the enchilada sauces for a total of 6.00 instead of 9.00.

Bashas only had 6 La Vic enchilada sauces left so I still have my enchilada sauce raincheck for when they restock. I love rainchecks... they take the stress out of shopping.

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