Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Frys Mega Deal - Cost 31 cents!

I have been neglecting my blog because I've had family in town, but that doesn't mean I haven't been out taking advantage of great deals! I stopped by Wags late last week and picked up some clearance Tag deodorant spray for $1.29 and used a $2/1 coupon for some serious overage.
I haven't been grocery shopping for a long time because, frankly, I think the deals have been lackluster lately. The Fry's Mega Deal (for example) was not very "mega" in my opinion. I think I have been spoiled in the past by multiple freebies and I have become snooty in my opinion of a good deals. I took my sister in law Gwynne shopping yesterday so she could see the coupons in action. We found some good deals...

Trip #1
1.00 Dial hand soap (7) FREE
2.00 Keebler cookies (3) 1.00 each
1.99 milk FREE wyb 3 Keebler items
.88 Bounty paper towels (8) FREE
.88 Hefty storage bags (4) FREE
2.39 clearance Shout gel 1.39
1.00 Nursery water FREE
1.00 king sized Reese's (2) 1 for free, so $1 for 2
.50 candy bar (filler)
31.44 subtotal
NOTE - I had to throw some candy in at the register because the cashier went off subtotal instead of total with tax and the milk came off instantly so that didn't contribute towards the $30 total either.
-$3/30 F&E Q
-.35/1 & .40/1 Softsoap IPQs (7)
-.55/1 (2), $1/2 (1) Keebler IPQ
-.25/1 Bounty Q (8)
-.55/1 Hefty MQ (1), 1/1 Hefty IPQ (3)
-.55/1 Shout MQ
-.55/1 Nursery water MQ
-.55/1 Reeses candy MQ
1.41 subtotal + .88 tax = 2.22 OOP

Trip #2
.88 Hunt's ketchup (3) .08 each
1.00 Fry's chips .35
1.25 Country Crock (2) .25 each
6.14 subtotal
-.20/1 Hunts MQ (3) quadrupled
-.65/1 Shortcuts ecoupon
-.55/1 Country Crock IPQ doubled (2)
1.09 subtotal + .05 tax = 1.13 total
Paid with Wags $3 RR, got back 1.91 change!
What? First of all, I didn't think the cashier would take my RR because it wasn't a competitor listed in the Fry's ad. But it was expiring today and I didn't feel like going to Wags. Then, I thought I would definitely have to bring my subtotal up to $3, but she gave me cash back. Wow. I need to remember tha cashier's name!

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