Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CVS & Wags - Cost $3.41

I have lots of EBs and RRs expiring this week and not a lot of good deals going on at either store. Oh well, here's what I got...

.69 clearance citronella candles
1.29 clearance pool
6.99 Schick razors
.50 CVS tissues (2)
2.99 Lifelock DVD
2.99 Huggies wipes
1.00 cookies (4) filler
19.25 subtotal
-4/20 CVS ready fill Q
-$1/2 CVS tissues CRT
-$2/1 Huggies wipes CRT
-3/1 Schick MQ
-.50/1 Huggies MQ
8.75 subtotal + .96 tax = 9.71 paid with 9.71 EB
Received $6.99 eb
SUMMARY = $2.72 cost

5.99 Glade sense & spray
.20 rubber bands
6.19 subtotal
-4/1 Glade IPQ
2.19 subtotal
Paid with $1 RR & 1.69 cash
Received $2 RR
SUMMARY = $.69 cost

The Glade RR didn't print out and the cashier tried to tell me it was because I paid with a RR. The $1 RR was from Velveeta, so that didn't make sense. I talked to a manager who just printed out my $2RR. Lovely! I have $37 in RR expiring today and I'm trying to figure out if I can roll them or if I should just spend them at Albie's. I wish there were some decent deals going on this week!

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