Friday, September 11, 2009

Target Trip - $6.30 profit!

The cereal cup Target coupons expire tomorrow so I made it my mission today to use them all up. I went to 2 different Targets. The first store didn't give me any overage, but everything came out free after coupons. They also had me split my purchases into 4 different transactions. I found the golden cashier at the other store. He took all 49 of my coupons in one transaction, gave me overage on everything, & let me put money on a gift card when my total was going to go negative - TWICE! I should have given him a bag of Skittles. :)

Here's the first store breakdown...
.52 Skittles (10)
.95 cereal cups (10)
2.48 clearance Crest Strips
17.18 subtotal
-1/1 Skittles Target IPQ - adjusted to .52 (10)
-1/1 GM cereal Target IPQ - adjusted to .95 (10)
-3/1 Crest whitestrips MQ - adjusted to 2.48
Here's the second store breakdown...
.52 Skittles (10) .48 overage each
.95 cereal cups (29) .05 overage each
.40 string cheese (20) .10 overage each
40.75 subtotal
-1/1 Skittles Target IPQ (10)
-1/1 GM cereal Target IPQ (29)
-1/2 Market Pantry (10)
My subtotal was going negative so my best friend cashier had me put $5 on a giftcard twice. I ended up paying $3.70, but left with $10 on a giftcard. So, I made $6.30! I feel like this perfect transaction was my reward for having to fight with Target for 3 hours a couple of weeks ago.


  1. I was wondering why Target was out of stock....

  2. Are the Skittle's coupons still working? I know a long time ago the expired Target q's would still scan but a while ago I used one I didn't realize was expired and it beeped 'Expired Coupon'. Just wondering!

  3. Wow what a great cashier. I haven't even really attempted many "target Qs" lately since they have put the one per transaction wording on it. I just don't want the hassle to be honest... In fact I feel like an idiot because I was there today and could have totally attempted to snag some free cereal! Great Job.

  4. Anonymous - They still had plenty of cereal cups left. Don't worry, there is enough for everyone! :) I never clear shelves... I think its bad coupon karma.

    Born2Save & KC-I still had 20 skittles coupons left so I figured I would try it and the worst they could say is no. In my experience, they're usually pretty lenient with their expiration dates. Neither cashier said anything about the skittles coupons being expired. They did beep though, and I know they didn't before they were expired. They say "Item not found" but both cashiers pushed them through. I don't feel bad about using expired Target coupons because they wouldn't have been reimbursed anyway... its a marketing tool from Target. They don't get sent to a clearing house like normal manufacturer's coupons. Hurry and grab some cereal today and maybe some skittles if you find my friendly cashier! Good luck!

  5. I went to 2 different targets in the gilbert and they wouldn't let me use the coupons on the cereal cups. How did you get them to do it? What did I do wrong?

  6. Hi Natalie! Did they give you a reason? I had a couple of cashiers tell me they couldn't use the $1/1 General Mills Target coupon on the small cup sizes because a box of Cheerios was pictured on the coupon. I called corporate to clarify (you can read about it here and Target corporate said they would go off the wording, which did not specify a size. I don't know of any other reason why they would refuse that coupon. At this point, since its expired now, I would go back and talk to the store manager and have them honor it for you. That's what I would do- it was their mistake. Let me know how it turns out... good luck!

  7. Which 2 Target stores were you shopping at?

  8. Hi Anon- I shopped at Power/Southern & Gilbert/Southern.

  9. i never thought to put my overage on a gift card that's pure genius...i always just throw in some lame 1.00 bin stuff...great heads up thanks!

  10. Amber - Thanks for the comment! I've just recently started doing that & I agree... it is pure genius! I can't take credit for it though. My blogging friend Born 2 Save did it first! It is a much better filler than the $1 section! Thanks for stopping by!


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