Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Asked! Questions from Readers

I always like to post questions from readers for everyone to see - who knows, someone else could have the same exact question! Here are some questions and deals I've received in the past few days...

I saw on your 9-22 post that you can buy bread for .50 after the target coupon that you used at Fry's. Does Fry's take target coupons now? I didn't know that if they do now? - Monica

Hi Monica! Yes! Fry's began accepting Target coupons a couple of weeks ago. They actually list Target in their ad as a competitor, so that makes it super easy in case a cashier questions you (one questioned me last week). Click here for these (plus more!) awesome Target coupons you can use at Fry's:

  • .50/1 Market Pantry bread

  • 2.00 off Market Pantry frozen chicken

  • 1.00 off fresh produce - I think this one might be gone. I already printed it, so I can't tell.
I had my Parent's magazine delivered to my house but didn't see any I just missing them? - Jenny
Hi Jenny! Which month's Parents magazine are you referring to? The 20% discount codes were in the August & September Parents and Parenting Early Years magazines. The October issue did not have any Amazon codes :( They look like this... (with an expiration date of 9/30/10)
You can still purchase the October issue of Parents magazine at stores, but hurry before those get pulled down to make room for the November issues! You can also enter my give away for the 4 W codes I have left! I will post the details later this afternoon!

Hi! I was at my Frys store in Goodyear and they were marking the Oscar Mayer hot dogs down to $.99!! I know Target a while back had a coupon for $1 off of 2 (exp 11/3) which would make an even better deal! Do you know of any other coupons for OM hot dogs? Just thought I would share with everyone! =) - Kim

Great find! I know we got a MQ for 1.00/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs in the 8/22 SS. It expires 10/17/10. I'm not sure if your Fry's was marking down the "Selects" variety of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, but if they were, here is a link for 1.00 off 1 Oscar Mayer Selects. To access the coupon, you'll have to tell the website what puts you in a good mood and then like them on Facebook. Thanks for the heads up!

If any of you ever have questions, deals, or want to share photos of your shopping conquests, send them all to!

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