Friday, September 24, 2010

Amazon Code Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

The 4 winners for the Amazon 20% discount codes are:

#44 - Christine
"Bummed I had already thrown my August issue, never realized what an amazing deal this could be!"
I almost got rid of my August codes too! They were on their way to Bookman's to be traded in and I pulled those codes out last minute just in case. Phew... at least you've got a September code now!

#14 - Rose
"Great blog!!! I have a friend that sure could use some great deals on diapers :-)"
How awesome are you to think of your friend? I am so happy to be indirectly involved in this charitable act!

#31 - Kris & Amy
"PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME! :) I wouldn't of even known about this diaper thing if it wasn't for you. THANKS!!"
Okay, okay, I pick you! :) Well, actually, picked you. Congratulations! Can you email me at so I have your email address? Thanks! Never mind! I found your email address in a previous comment!

#12 - Desatoff Family
"Ooooh! Gimmee gimmee gimmee! I would love to have that code. Nothing is better than cheap diapers :)"
The only thing better than cheap diapers is free diapers ... which is very rare. Have fun ordering your super cheap diapers!

Winners, I will send out your codes right now! Thanks to everyone who entered! If you get in on this Amazon diaper deal, send me your pictures! I want to see everyone's super cheap diapers!

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