Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fry's & Safeway = Zero Out of Pocket!

I didn't really NEED a lot of groceries this week & there weren't any amazing sales, so I just headed out for the freebies.

At Fry's, I grabbed:
  • .50 Libby's canned veggies (free after this .50/2 IPQ)
  • 1.00 Bumble Bee Tuna pouches (free after MQ from 9/12 SS)
  • 1.00 Starkist Tuna pouches (free after this .50/1 IPQ).

I stopped into Safeway really quick to grab the free Nesquik drinks, but they were all out. Well, there was one left on the shelf, but it was half drunk... eww. I grabbed a raincheck for those, which is awesome because it just gives me more time to hunt down more .35/1 Nesquik tearpad MQs from Circle K. While I was there, I also found the Safeway Summer Savings coupon boklets- finally! These have been eluding me for a while now. I am most excited about the $2 off any Hefty garbage bags MQ in there. Bashas' has them for 3.99 through today, so 1.99 after coupon, but I'm not sure if I'll make it out again today.


  1. I'm thinking my run might just be for the freebies too... we'll see. Sales have been a little S-L-O-W lately. Hopefully things pick up next week.

  2. I am sure you already know about the buy 4 scrubbing bubbles, and the trash bags puts you at the 15.00 limit. minus your 3 ($2) coupons, pay 9.00 and get 5 plus 4 back...and if you can double, then even better....so they would be free...


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