Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Free DVD from Disney Movie Rewards!

Are you guys signed up with Disney Movie Rewards? It's free to join and super easy to earn points. All you do is enter codes from the cases of the Disney DVDs and Blu-Rays that you already own. If you have family members or friends who don't use their codes, see if they'll give them to you! I get a lot of my codes that way- I would hate to see them go to waste!

I have been for a couple of years now and I have gotten all kinds of freebies just from entering codes I already had. Click here to see how I was able to get 3 absolutely free Disney Sing Along DVDs with the points I already had. I've been holding onto a list of Disney Movie Rewards codes hoping for a Double Points Day, but its been several months and it doesn't look like those days are coming back. So I entered a few codes and cashed them in for this DVD...

I don't have to pay shipping or anything! My 2 year old daughter LOVES these old Mickey Mouse cartoons. She watches them on You Tube while I'm blogging. My husband & I love them too because we grew up with these cartoons.

Start entering your codes and see what you can get for free!

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