Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Safeway & Albie's

I keep getting sucked into Safeway with the free item deals every day! It's like a trap. Here's how I got to my $20 minimum purchase today (before coupons, of course):

3.99 Nestle water (2) -Free Nestle MQ from summer promotion FREE
1.99 Chinet cups (4) -1/1 Chinet IPQ (2), -Free Chinet item tearpad MQ (2) .01 profit each
2.19 milk (not pictured)
3.50 Hillshire little smokies FREE item of the day
Total before Qs = 22.37
Total after Qs = 2.89
Paid with $2 Nestle cat, received another $2 Nestle cat
SUMMARY = .89 cost
I realized today the free item of the day does not count towards the $20 minimum purchase total. The coupon scanned at $0, but customer service gave me the cash back. I will note this for future purchases. In case you are wondering, the 2 extra Nestle waters in the picture are from my Safeway trip yesterday.
I had one more $5 Holiday RR to use before 12/19, so I headed to Albie's. I bought a 3.98 clearanced bouquet of roses for my sister who graduated nursing school today. (Shameless plug- if anyone knows of a hospital hiring new RNs, please let me know!) I also grabbed some Hostess donuts. They were on sale for 1.99. I used a .45/1 IPQ which tripled to $1, making the donuts 99 cents. I paid with the $5RR and .37 change for tax.
I officially have converted all of my RR to giftcards and/or groceries. I don't see a ton of great sales coming up at Wags in the next few weeks and I am going out of town for Christmas, so I don't want to have to worry about expiring RR. It was so nice to have the RRs as a back up reserve for Christmas gifts. I am so grateful I have learned this new way of life so I can afford to keep my pantry and food storage stocked, regularly donate to people in need, and have a Christmas while my husband is out of work. Thanks to all of my couponing friends!


  1. How do you convert your RR into giftcards? I would love to be able to do that. HELP!

  2. Natalie- I learned how from my good friend KC at Desert Deals Diva. Here's a post on how she does it ( ... good luck!


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