Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free Cheese at Safeway!

Here's how you can get your free cheese...

Lucerne (Safeway brand) cheese is on sale for 99 cents through next Tuesday, limit 3. This sale price includes both 8 oz shredded and bar cheese. Some of the bags and most of the bars have the Real California cheese symbol on the packaging. Grab those and pair them up with this .30/1 Real California Cheese IPQ which will quadruple to $1 and give you .01 overage!

Disclaimer- This is a YMMV deal because the coupon states the minimum price has to be 1.25. No one questioned me, but I wanted to make you aware of that in case you are questioned. If you wanted to, you could give the coupons first and scan your card last so the price shows the 2.49 price, but you have to do what feels right in your couponing heart. :)

A couple of things...
1. Try to enlarge these before you print them. They come out kind of small and didn't scan at one of my stores.

2. Try to buy these along with something else so your total is not -.03. Not sure if your cities are the same as mine, but Mesa does not charge tax on food items. It scares cashiers when the total is negative, so try to avoid that if possible.

Also, I am planning on heading to Wags today for some serious money makers! I will report back.


  1. Thanks for the tip about the cheese. Both my sister and I got some!!!!

  2. Anon- I am so glad you got in on the cheese deal. I am up to 9 free bags. My coupons aren't scanning because they're so small, so I am running into trouble. Hoping to get some more before the sale ends tomorrow!


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