Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bashas & CVS

I feel like the sales have been lacking the last week or so. I haven't seen enough of an amazing sale that has drawn me out of my warm home into this deliciously seasonal cold weather. I ran to Albie's & grabbed some rainchecks for these free after coupon items = .50 Libby's canned veggies, 1.00 Hefty plates, & 1.00 GG Steamers.

I was in need of peanut butter and garlic toast though, so I headed to Bashas to copy Desert Deals Diva and grab some .58 Skippy. No luck. My MQ was a $1/2, not a .50/1. Oh well, 1.01 is still a good deal.

1.58 Skippy PB (2) 1.01 each
2.50 Mamma Bella garlic toast 1.50
0 tax
5.66 subtotal
-1/2 Skippy PB MQ
-.55/1 Mamma Bella's peelie MQ
3.66 paid OOP

A light bulb turned on for me while I was going through self check-out tonight at Bashas. You scan your own coupons, so there is no cashier to suppress doubles and/or limit you to 3 like coupons. Hmm.... I think the Bashas self check-out line is my new best friend.

CVS didn't go exactly as planned, but it was still a good run. I had one of the $4 EB Qs from the Catalog of Savings (found near the registers). I thought it was a 4/20, but it was actually a $4eb when you spend $20. No problem, I just used a $5EB and received the $4EB at the end of my receipt.

3.49 Huggies wipes -2/1 CRT, -.50/1 MQ = .99
.99 J & J first aid kit -1/1 MQ = .01 overage
.99 CVS tissues (2/.99) = .01 overage
1.99 CVS eyeshadow applicators - so I could use my 2/10 CRT
3.99 Merry Brite santa hat (2) Free after EB
4.49 Christmas candy for the office, filler so I could get to $20 - not pictured
.78 tax
20.71 total before Qs
14.22 total (paid with 8.99 EB & 5EB (adj to 4.45) + .78 on gcard
Earned $11.98EB
SUMMARY = $2.24 cost


  1. Had a little chuckle about the Basha's U-check comment. I LUV the U-check lines @ Basha's and Albie's for that very reason. Always sticky when they want to send me to cashier line b/c there is no one there and I'm waiting for the U-check. Unfortunately all the cashiers @ my Basha's are Q unfriendly so I can only use U-check. I wish Basha's would have better deals a) more often and b) on more items. I end up at Basha's every other week or even every third, just not worth it even with U-check :( (especially now w/o the childcare).

  2. So you advocate stealing? Because that's what you do if you are scanning your coupon more than once.

  3. Anon- I never mentioned scanning a coupon more than once - ever in this blog. Not sure where you misunderstood me. I didn't scan any coupons twice at Bashas or CVS. If you are referring to Bashas, I was explaining that you CAN scan your own coupons at the self checkout in Bashas. I had 3 items and used 2 coupons, so.... what are you talking about? Hope you have enough courage to write back.

  4. I apologize, I misread the post about the self checkout.
    Again, please accept my apology.

  5. Anon- I am glad you wrote back and I absolutely accept your apology. I get occasional negative comments from anonymous people who never respond to me, so I am glad we cleared up the misunderstanding. Thanks for reading my blog!


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