Monday, December 28, 2009

An Unexpected GREAT trip to Safeway! $2.14 total

Originally, I just went in to grab a couple of gallons of milk. As I walked by the dairy department, I noticed lots of clearanced cheese and yogurt. I had some .30/1 Real CA cheese/dairy product Qs, so I matched those up with the 1.25 clearanced cheese and snagged 25 cent cheese! I will make a couple of italian dinners this week and use it up no problem. What a great find! I also put the $2 Chinet in-ad Q to good use.

1.25 clearanced cheese (4) .25 each
2.19 milk (2) 1.19 each
1.99 Chinet cups (3) 3.03 overage
2.50 Chinet plates (3) 1.00 each
.79 tax
23.64 subtotal
-1.50 deducted for $2 in-ad Chinet Q
-.30/1 Real CA dairy IPQ (3)
-.30/1 Real CA cheese peelies (3)
-1/1 Chinet plates blinkies (3)
-BOGO Chinet tearpad MQ (3) auto deducted $3 for each Q
4.14 total - piad with $2 Nestle water cat and 2.14 cash
If I had planned this trip out, I would have grabbed a couple more cases of water to get another $2 OYNO. That cat stops printing on Thursday and I have a few more free MQs to burn through. I'll be back at Safeway tomorrow for some more free plates before that in-ad Q expires.

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