Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Walgreens - 4.88 profit!

My profit should have been much higher but wasn't because...

#1 - I did not have the awesome $10/3 Ecotrin MQs everyone else has. I was in CA that weekend and their papers did not get them. :( Oh well, I get plenty of other deals.

#2 - My $5RR I had planned to use to bring my subtotal to 12 cents was expired.

1.50 Band-Aids (3) .50 overage each
7.99 Complete contact solution 1.01 profit
5.99 Glade Lasting Impressions $2 profit
2.50 Quaker pancake mix (2) .50 profit each
2/1.50 Reese's PB trees (2) .67 each
.29 chocolate Santa (filler)
25.27 subtotal
-.50/1 Band-Aid MQ (3)
-5.99 Glade Free Lasting Impressions MQ
-1/1 Complete MQ
-2/1 Quaker pancake mix IPQ (2) - printed this a LONG time ago
-4.50 taken off for $2/1 Band-Aid Wags CAB Q
-.16 Wags in-ad Reese's Q
5.12 subtotal (should have been .12 if my $5RR wasn't expired)
Paid 5.12 with Wags gcard, received $13 RR
4.88 profit

I was also going to grab some free Toblerone chocolate and a free Bic candle lighter, but I didn't have the Toblerone Qs & I couldn't find a Bic candle lighter.


  1. Where are the bandaid coupons you used?

  2. Crockett - They were from the 8/2 paper, SS I think. They expired on Monday, 11/30, but my Wags takes expired Qs up to a week past the expiration date. Hopefully, you can use them too so you can get some overage!


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