Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fry's Coupon Event ends Tuesday, 12/8! :(

I heard some rumors online that Fry's is ending the competitor and everything's a $1 coupon event this coming Tuesday. Turns out, these are not rumors. My fears have been confirmed! There were signs everywhere announcing the end of the coupon event on December 8th. So sad. Well, I panicked and decided I needed to make a trip today so my $5/20 Fresh & Easy Qs didn't go to waste. They expire tomorrow! It was not very well planned out, so I ended up with OOP expense and things kind of went haywire. I'll probably make another run on Monday or Tuesday.

I was planning on using 3 $5/20 Qs in one transaction. Silly me, I forgot the Fry's close to my house is NOT coupon friendly like the one by my office. I had to split everything up into different transactions at the register and things went a little awry. I was planning on walking out with no OOP and a $15 giftcard. Somehow, I ended up paying $5 OOP (on a Fry's gcard) and no gift card.

1.00 Idahoan potatoes (4) FREE
7.49 Scotch Fur Fighter .51 profit
1.50 Dial hand soap .50 profit
2.41 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner 1.41
1.27 Totino's pizza (2) Just realized I bought Totino's instead of the $1 Tony's :( That's why my Tony's coupons wouldn't work.
3.79 tortillas 2.79
.99 18 ct eggs - with Safeway in-ad Q
1.10 bananas - .33/lb with Bashas shocker home mailer Q
24.59 subtotal
-5/20 Fresh & Easy Q
-.40/1 Idahoan IPQ (4)
-4/1 Scotch Fur Fighter MQ
-4/1 Scotch Fur Fighter EQ (cellfire)
-1/1 Safeway Dial hand soap Q (pharmacy booklet)
-.40/1 Lysol MQ
-1/1 Guerrero tortillas IPQ
.50/1 Tony's pizza MQ looks like she forced one of these through
$3.59 on Fry's gcard

5.04 5 lbs ground beef - with Bashas shocker home mailer Q .99/lb.
.99 Kraft shredded cheese (2) - with Bashas shocker home mailer Q
1.00 PB crescent rolls (3) 1.00 profit
2.37 Clementines 1.37
1.00 Progresso soup (5) 1.00 profit
2.50 milk (2)
22.44 + .23 tax
-5/20 F&E Q
-.25/1 PB Crescent Roll MQ (3)
-1/2 PB crescent roll EQ
-1/2 Kraft MQ
-.55/1 Clementines IPQ
-.25/1 Progresso soup MQ (5)
-1.50/2 Progresso soup Safeway Q (2)
-.50/2 Progresso soup EQ (2)
-.50/1 MQ I have no idea what this Q was for... maybe the other Tony's pizza MQ?
$1.62 paid on giftcard

I paid $5.21 on a Fry's giftcard for $73 worth of groceries - not too bad. I think I got tripped up because I forgot about the EQs coming off would affect the subtotal for the $5/20. I will have to plan better next week. Hopefully, there are some comp Qs to use on Monday & Tuesday.

Hurry up and get to Fry's before the coupon event ends!


  1. Where in the store did you find the Scotch fur fighter? I looked but could not find it! Thanks!

  2. Anon- I couldn't believe I found one either! It was hanging in the pet aisle near cat toys and collars. There was only one left, so I grabbed it. Good luck!


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