Monday, December 14, 2009

Safeway & Wags

I headed to Safeway today with my Free Item IPQs for signing up for the Just For You program on Safeway's website (see details here at Desert Deals Diva's blog). I grabbed bananas and my free items. I used free Qs for pasta sauce, pasta, & eggs. None of them scnaned correctly; they all rang up as .01, so they were adding a penny. Strange. The cashier didn't know what to make of it either, so I went over to customer service where they gave me the cash back. I also had planned on grabbing the Betty Crocker cake mix (free item of the day promo), but my total wasn't above $20, so no go there. If I had more time to plan it out, I would have done better because a ton of EQs are expiring today, but oh well.

I have a few $5 holiday RR to burn up before 12/19, so I went to Wags today to grab milk and stamps. I also converted $25 of RR to a giftcard with the help of the super cheap votive candles (.17 each with in-ad Q). The milk was 1.99 and the stamps were 8.80 (geez Louise!). I used a $5 holiday RR and paid $5.xx on a gift card.

UPDATE - Do not use RR (regular or holiday) on postage stamps. I knew regular RR restrict purchasing postage, but for some reason, I thought the Holiday RR didn't specify that. Turns out they do, I looked more closely at one today. Sorry for the bad example!

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