Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wags Trip - Money Making Almay!

The Almay is ringing up at B1G1F, but it is supposed to be B1G1 50% off. This fluke could be "fixed" at any moment, so get to Walgreens now if you want in on this money making deal!

9.99 Almay Pure Blends foundation
6.99 Almay Pure Blends mascara
6.99 Almay One Coat mascara (8)
.99 Hunt's tomato sauce (9)
4.00 Tag body spray (2)
$20 Wags giftcard
3.70 tax
111.80 subtotal
-34.50 RR
-B1GIF Tag spray MQ ($4.00)
-2/1 Tag spray MQ
-1/3 Hunt's IPQ (3)
-B1G1F Almay mascara - took off 34.95
-4/1 Wags Almay Q from November Q book - took off 24.00
-3/.99 Hunt's in-ad Wags Q - took off 4.20
1.45 subtotal + 3.70 tax
Paid 5.15 OOP, earned $17RR
Cost $2.65
I did a second transaction for 2 more Tag sprays and one more $2RR- cost 2.64 for 2. These aren't the best deal, but my husband likes them.
FINAL SUMMARY - 5.29 cost


  1. I snagged some Almay mascara today too at a store in PHX. At that store they rang up B1g1 free as well AND they had packs with 2 mascaras in them...so 4 for just the tax (I had to add a filler though). Sadly, I went this evening and at the store closer to my house and the "problem" has been fixed so they now ring up b1g1 50% off. I'm tempted to try another store near me tomorrow for some more free make up.

  2. Amber- I'm so glad you were able to get some free make up too! I was thinking about going to another store today for some more Almay too! When it's free (or profitable), why would you stop? :)


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