Monday, November 16, 2009

Today's shopping!

I am still alive! Sickness has arrived at my house (not the dreaded H1N1, thank goodness) & coupon shopping has been on the back burner. But I went out for some deals today. CVS
Picked up 2 Glade Lasting Impressions for free using Free Lasting Impression Qs found inside refill packages. I paid .84 tax on a CVS RX transfer giftcard & earned $4 EB = $3.16 profit!

There is another cleaner deal that rivals the Mr. Clean deal I did last week...
7.96 Buy 4 Scrubbing Bubbles cleaners 1.99 each (sale price wyb 3 or more)
-4.00 Use 2 $2/2 peelie Qs found on bottles
-3.98 BOGO sale (deducts when you scan your Safeway card)
.04 profit!
I did 8 in one transaction and had .08 profit to eat into my tax.
Paid .67 in tax

The key here is to scan the coupons BEFORE you scan your Safeway card. Otherwise, the last coupon will beep and if you have a grumpy cashier, this deal will go south. Two different cashiers tried to tell me I couldn't use coupons on free items. Sigh. You could get into the whole "I am purchasing 4 items and paying for 2" debate, but its much easier without the beeping. I'm just saying...

I went to Fry's in search of BOGO Hasbro card games to pair up with my BOGO Hasbro card game MQs from the USA Weekend in yesterday's papers. Neither Fry's I went to even carries Hasbro card games, but Yahtzee was on BOGO sale for 6.99 which also happens to be the max value of the MQ. The cashier said I could use the Qs for that product since it was the same manufacturer and they didn't have the correct item. So, I walked out with 4 Yahtzee games for free, paying .27 in tax each! Family & friends... if you get Yahtzee for Christmas, know that I bought it with love... and awesome coupons! :)

I also had 2.75 in Fry's cats expiring today so I grabbed some canned veggies on sale for .50 a can. I used 3 1/5 MQs and paid .25 total out of pocket after my Qs and cats.


  1. Girl! You're a GEM! I totally didn't see the game deal & had to run down to the store today. Luckily I was able to grab a few at Frys Marketplace (they were better stocked). Also, I went to a normal Frys before that & ran into the ever-so-loved "cranky old cashier", who wouldn't let me use any of my coupons and even got a "mngr" to back him up. Then he proceeded to want to verbally teach me a lesson about coupons... GRRRR! At that point I felt I'd been nice enough... I told him I had to run to another Frys to attempt the same transaction so I didn't have time to chat. :p hehehe... that shut him up.
    On the bright side I went to a Frys that I usually avoid on account of a bad manager and was able to get the deal!!! So, now I've got some christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!! & THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU!!! THANKS!!!

  2. J- You crack me up. I am so glad you were able to get in on this deal. Your shopping experience made me laugh out loud. I am just repaying you for the many deals you have shared with me! :) Hopefully, they'll be on sale longer than just through today. I have 5 or 6 more Qs and this deal is great for Christmas toy drives.

  3. at my safeway it says that the cleaner is only buy one get one free, which still makes them like $2.15 :(

  4. Anon- The 1.99 sales price was not marked on my shelf either. My cleaners were marked $4.29 each; sounds like yours are priced the same as well. As soon as you scan your SW card, the savings will auto deduct for the 1.99 price and the BOGO sale. Worst case scenario... if the total is not under a dollar after tax, void the whole order. But it sounds like the same pricing I had. Remember to scan your coupons FIRST, then scan your SW card. If she asks, tell the cashier you do it this way to make sure all the coupons get scanned correctly. Good luck!


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