Friday, November 6, 2009

Lots of little shopping trips...

Yesterday, I went to Fry's and was pleasantly surprised to find the shelves restocked. I did a small 10 item run...
1.00 Playtex gloves -1/1 Fry's Playtex gloves cat = .50 profit
1.50 3m lint roller -1/1 PDF MQ = free
.99 Gatorade -Free Gatoradee MQ from Wags = .51 profit
1.00 Ricola (2) - B1G1F (cashier took off $1) = .50 each
2.50 Nestle chocolate chips -1.02 1.48 Bashas in-ad Q, -.50/1 MQ = .48
1.49 Kleenex (4) -2/4 Safeway in-ad Q, -2/4 Safeway pharmacy coupon booklet, -.50/3 MQ = 1.04 profit
-5.00 mega event savings
.10 tax
Subtotal should have been -5.47, I was going to get some fillers or a giftcard, but the cashier entered the Safeway kleenex Qs incorrectly. After I gave her the Safeway in-ad Q, she voided them all out and re-rang them at $2 each. I told her the coupon was for $2 off 4, but she wasn't listening. Then, the $5 mega savings came back on the order because she was voiding and un-voiding the Kleenex so many times. :( Finally, the manager came over & just took off the $5 savings manually and I ended up 1.92 negative. This could have all been avoided by her paying attention to what the coupon said or by listening to me. Ugh.. The manager didn't give me the cash back. But, I went back to customer service today and got garlic toast with the overage. I also stopped by Safeway with my receipt showing I purchased 4 Pillsbury items, so I got my free OJ.

Today, I went to Target for the Kellogg's buy 3, get one free cereal deal. The best way to do this deal is to buy 4 Special K Red Berries (priced the lowest at $2.66) and use the $1/1 IPQs from the Kellogg's website. I didn't have those, but I did have 3 Special K Blueberry 1/1 IPQs & 1 Frosted Mini-Wheats 1/1 IPQ.

3.29 Special K Blueberry (3)
3.05 Frosted Mini-Wheats
-3.05 deducted for buying 4 Kelloggs (takes off the lowest price)
-1/1 Kelloggs Target IPQ (3) I had 4, but the register beeped & said I couldn't use a Target Q on a free item. Darn those smart registers! :)
-1/1 Kelloggs cereal IPQ (4)
2.87 paid on gc

If you want in on this deal, make sure you get to Target before the end of Saturday. Their new ads reset on Sundays. If you print 4 of the Special K Red Berries 1/1 IPQs and 3 of the 1/1 Target IPQs you can get all 4 boxes for .98! I might have to go back tomorrow!

I also stopped by Wags and grabbed 6 more free Hunts tomato sauces = OOP zero!

The Safeway OJ made a repeat appearance in picture #2 because I forgot I already pictured it with yesterday's stuff. :)

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