Monday, November 9, 2009

Bayer Run at Walgreens - $14.68 profit

I ran out early this week to make sure I could cash in all 4 of my Bayer Qs for the RR deal this week. Mission accomplished.

I did 4 identical transactions that looked like this...
14.99 Bayer Contour/Breeze 2 monitor
-14.99 Bayer MQ
0 subtotal + 1.33 tax paid with giftcard
Receive $5 RR

I paid 5.32 in tax and received $20 in RR, so I made a profit of 14.68!


  1. Where did you get the coupon?

  2. Anon- The Bayer MQ is from the 10/25 RP. The value is up to $30.00, so the cashier has to manually enter the item price which is 14.99.

  3. Awesome!! thank you so much! I appreciate your blog so much

  4. Great find! It was really helpful when you listed the coupon.

    FYI, American Diabetes Assoc will accept unused monitors as a donation. If you are intested in donating them, please e-mail me at

  5. Nancy- Thanks for the comment! I need to be better about listing out coupon sources - I will definitely work on that. Thanks also for the American Diabetes information for donations. My dad is diabetic so I will be donating my meters to him. But thanks for posting this info for anyone else looking for a home for their money making meters. :)


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