Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lots of last minute Tuesday shopping!

I always find myself running around like a crazy person on Tuesdays trying to get all the deals I have procrastinated on before the sales turn over on Wednesdays.

1.00 Del Monte Pineapple (3) FREE
1.30 bananas .59/lb
4.30 subtotal
-1/1 Del Monte pineapple IPQ (3)
1.30 total
Paid with $1 Fry's cat & .30 cash

3.98 BC frosting B2G3F
1.90 grapes .88/lb.
5.88 subtotal
-.50/1 BC frosting MQ (5)
.88 total paid on SW gcard

I am kicking myself now for not checking my coupon binder more closely. I had a Fry's cat for $1 off a Ghirardelli brownie mix! And a Fry's Q for 1.00 off a BC potatoes box! I could have used these instead of MORE lint rollers and sponges for fillers. Oh well. I need a break from Fry's after all this mega deal craziness.
.99 Uncle Ben's rice (7) .01 overage each
.99 3m lint roller .01 overage
.50 Scotch Brite sponge (2) FREE
9.05 subtotal
-1/1 Uncle Ben's rice MQ (7)
-1/1 3m PDF Q
-1/2 Scotch Brite PDF Q
.06 paid OOP

On a side note, I did go to customer service about the issues I had during the mega event (detailed in this post). The girl at customer service was the same cashier who would not adjust my Fritos down to .88 to match the Safeway price! What are the chances? I think she remembered me. :) She told me competitor coupons are not accepted on mega deal items. What?!? I used a Bashas store Q on the I Can't Believe its Not Butter! I went back and forth a little bit, but didn't have time to wait for a manager so I just left. I got a cash refund back of $5.55. Next time, I'm in Fry's I will talk to a store manager. $2 is $2!


  1. I 2nd a need for a BREAK from Frys!! Although I will stopping by today for a quick visit with customer service, but no shopping!!

  2. I HAD major issues @ Fry's today - left a big long post on PYP. I love (loved) my Fry's. Never had any serious complaints, but I think they got in trouble w/ amount of $$$ we saved via Mega sale Q's and the whole strike thing has gotten employees mad. Oh well, best to avoid Fry's for awhile now.

  3. Evers Family- I agree, things are tense with the strike and the Fry's employees right now. I just read your post/rant on PYP and it made me laugh out loud. I get so offended when I am accused of photo-copying coupons. Good deals on the Sara Lee pies and bacon! Looks like I will have to go deal with the grumpies at Fry's! :)

  4. I went to Fry's Tuesday night and didn't get out of there until 12:30! I was running around like a crazy person trying to get all my deals. :) The cashier had to manually enter my mega deal savings since it was past midnight. That was probably the most time spent shopping in one store that I've done. I forgot to give a few of my coupons since I had so many, do you think they will still take them?

  5. Renee - You are a serious shopper! I love that you squeezed the last bit of mega savings out of the 2 week sale- good for you! I would absolutely take your coupons back for reimbursement. Most coupons do say they must be surrenderred at the time of sale, but I have never had a problem getting cash back from customer service. Good luck and great job on your mega deals!


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