Sunday, November 8, 2009

Target & Fry's

I went back to Target one more time for the amazing Buy 3, Get 1 Free Kellogg's cereal deal. I did it right this time - I bought 4 Special K with Red Berries at 2.66 each, used 4 $1/1 IPQs from the Kellogg's website, 3 $1/1 Kellogg's Target IPQs and paid 98 cents for 4 boxes! I did 2 identical transactions - so I got 8 boxes of cereal for 1.96! This is probably a good time to start the Special K 2 week challenge to drop a jeans size! Note- Don't try to do this deal, it ended on 11/7.

Then I headed over to Fry's to do another mega deal with the free Safeway breakfast item Qs. This may have been the last one, I am getting low on participating coupons! I took a $10/50 AJ's q with me (courtesy of Desert Deals Diva! Thanks KC!) to really bring my OOP down. Print your Q here.

2.88 Kroger brand OJ -Free Safeway in-ad Q, -$1/1 Safeway OJ Q from Safeway "Stay Well" coupon booklet = $1 profit
1.77 Kroger bacon -Free Safeway in-ad Q = FREE
1.38 Fry's eggs -Free Safeway in-ad Q cashier took off 1.88 instead of 1.38, -.75/1 peelie on eggs wyb BC Cookie Mix =$1.50 overage
1.99 BC Cookie Mix -.40/1 MQ, -.40 EQ = .59
1.99 Fry's english muffins -Free Safeway in-ad Q = FREE
1.49 milk (2) = 2.94
2.99 egg nog (just because it's time for egg nog to be in the fridge!)
1.25 ground beef 1 lb. roll (3) -.50/1 ground beef IPQ = .25 each
1.00 3m lint roller (2) -1/1 PDF IPQ = FREE
1.00 Reach floss (2) -1/1 Reach MQ (2) = FREE
.99 Kleenex (4) -2/4 Safeway in-ad Q, -2/4 Safeway "Stay Well" Q, -.50/3 MQ = .26 overage each
1.99 canned pumpkin
2.49 5 lb. Gold Medal flour -price matched to Bashas in-ad Q (1.28), -.50/1 IPQ (2) = .28 each
1.49 PB Simply cookie dough (4) -1.25/1 IPQ (4), -$2 EQs = .24 each
4.19 Poligrip (2) -Free MQ up to 3.99 (2) = .20 each
.69 cupcake liners
-$10/50 AJ's Q
When everything was calculated, I owed $2.78. I was expecting overage so I knew something was off. The cashier (while entering comp Qs) accidentally kept adding on 2.20 for deli hot foods and 4.20 for a mocha something. He took those off, but I still owed $2.78. I just paid it so i could go home and study the receipt. I bolded the errors I found...

1. The free english muffins Q was missing.
2. One of my floss Qs was missing.
3. The cashier took off 1.50 for the 2 flours instead of 2.42 for both.
4. Older issue I haven't dealt with yet... the Fritos price matching Q was not applied.
So I will go back on Monday and get $7.77 back for these things.

I also did one more transaction for the 3rd gallon of milk to get the 1.47 price. So, all in all, I paid 4.28 on a giftcard, but after I visit customer service, I will have an overage of 3.49.


  1. Great JOB!!! I am so glad other people are able to take advantage of the $10 Aj's Q!! I couldn't believe when I found the imagine online!!

  2. Where did the hamburger coupon come from? Great job, and thanks for sharing!

  3. Jenny- Thanks for the comment! The link to the ground beef .50/1 Q is Enter this code - A23568. When it asks you for a store name, just select other and type a period or a hyphen. That way the coupon isn't store specific and you won't have problems using it anywhere. The Q is PDF, but expires 11/27/09, so stock up now!

  4. You did an awesome job. My fry's would not allow me to use the Bashas coupons on more than one item. Like the flour I could only get the discount price on one flour since the coupon said good on one item as if I would have gone to Bashas same with the Nestle choc chips. I ended paying 11.33 for 49 items which also included a 13 lb turkey saved 136.00 92%. SO I guess it was okay. I found your site from PYP thanks for posting your awesome deals.

  5. Tina- Thanks for the comment! I ran into a couple of cashiers that said the same thing about competitor coupons. I think 92% savings is GREAT! You did awesome!


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