Wednesday, November 18, 2009

12 cent TP at Wags!

Almost free for me... possibly free for you!These Cottonelle 4 packs of toilet paper were ringing up at .95 each, but were marked full price on the shelf. Have a cashier check your Cottonelles - they may be on a secret clearance sale too! I had $1/1 Cottonelle IPQs, but when I tried to use 6th Q, the smart register would only take 5, darn it! So, I only used 5 Qs and got each pack for 12 cents each. Not bad. But maybe you can do better. Some registers are not smart and don't realize when there is coupon overage. I hope you have one of those stores near you. ;) I did the same toothbrush and Ricola deals I did yesterday.

Here's my transaction...

.95 Cottonelle toilet paper (6) -1/1 Cottonelle IPQ here and here (5) = .12 each
1.00 Ricola -.50/1 Wags Q #1 and .50/1 Wags Q #2, earned $1RR = $1 profit
7.99 Crest Spinbrush -3/1 IPQ, earned $3RR = 1.99
14.69 subtotal before Qs
5.69 after Qs
Paid with $5RR and 1.69 on Wags gcard (.69 subtotal + 1.18 tax)
Cost 1.69


  1. yes! Thanks for the heads up we are in need of some TP, but can't bring myself to pay full price!

  2. Amber- I was getting low on my stockpile of Angel Soft TP from the last $1 sale at Frys. I hope your Wags has the same pricing! Good luck!

  3. ok so I just found your site and I have been looking for deal finding sites based in arizona for months now!! I am so excited, I just started my own blog a couple of days ago and now it will be nice to have local people to talk to! sorry I am a nerd but it's late, lol!

  4. Melissa- I'm so glad you found my site! Welcome! It is so nice to have lots of local couponing resources. I look forward to seeing what deals you find!

  5. I know! I love the local blogs! I am in Arizona also. I went to walgreens today though and they didnt' have any of the 4 packs of cottonel :( I was sad. We have 3 other walgreens in my town though so maybe I will find time to check the others.


  6. Anon- I have been to 2 other Wags and have not found any more .95 Cottonelle TP. I will continue my search and report back if I find any more. Good luck - I hope you find some!

  7. I live in CG and your blog is so great! I went to 1 walgreens and no luck!

  8. Hi: What side of town do you live on? I'm in Chandler and can't find any 4 packs at my Wags.

  9. Anon 3:03pm - Keep trying! I've only seen it at one out of every few stores, but its a treasure if you can find it!

    Anon 4:31pm - I live in east Mesa. I found the 4 packs at Val Vista/Southern earlier this week, but have not been able to find any since then. Keep searching... maybe call ahead and have them check the shelf. Good luck!


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