Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time to stock up on baking supplies at Safeway!

I took a break from the mega sale at Fry's and headed over to Safeway to try out the "Home for the Holidays" promo. Basically, buy $25 participating items, receive $5 OYNO. I forgot there is another promo going on ... buy 4 participating Pillsbury products, receive a free Safeway OJ! I'm going back today for my free OJ.

1.50 Gold Medal flour (3) -.50/1 IPQ (3), cashier suppressed the double :( = 1.00 each
2.50 Bisquick -.60/1 MQ, 1.20 EQ = .30
3.29 Progresso broth (2) B1G1F -.50/1 MQ (2), -1.50 EQ = .21 overage
1.69 C&H sugar (5) - .35/1 MQ (5) = .69 each
2.49 PB crescents (2) - .50/2 MQ, -1.00 EQ = 1.99 each Had planned to use 1/1 Qs, but they were expired :(
1.69 BC Cookie Mix -.40/1 MQ, EQ didn't come off :( = .69
25.43 Home For The Holidays subtotal
Other things not included in promo...
.99 PB Halloween sugar cookies (2) -1/2 MQ, -3.50 EQs! = 2.52 overage! Not sure if these are included in the promo, I will check with CS today. If so, AWESOME deal!
3.78 BC Frosting (5) B2G3F - .50/1 MQ (5), -1.50 EQ = 2.72 overage!
1.00 Hamburger Helper (3) - .75/3 MQ, -1.50 EQ = .17 each
1.25 Dannon yogurt clearanced - 1/1 MQ = .25
2.00 Fiber One yogurt clearanced - 1/1 MQ, -1/1 EQ = FREE
1.26 bananas .59/lb
1.62 grapes .88/lb
9.10 subtotal
Used $3 Kleenex cat & $3 PB cat, paid $3.10 on gc
Received $5 Home for the Holidays OYNO

My subtotal was definitely supposed to be lower. I added on the fruit & clearanced dairy, so that probably contributed. I was also expecting another 3.15 to come off in EQs & I am a little irritated the cashier suppressed the flour Qs from doubling. I have read several other couponers are contesting the double supression when the store advertises all MQ are worth $1. I'll try it out today and report back. Even if I don't get anywhere with that, I am really excited to have snagged 10 lbs of sugar for 3.45! What a steal! Bring on the holiday baking season!


  1. I am totally buying the same stuff. I have the same coupons and ecoupons and could not clear my head enough to figure out the best way to use them. Thanks!

  2. Renee- Thanks for the comment! I agree with you, this promo was really hard to wrap my head around. One major thing that I am kicking myself for now... the Betty Crocker frosting and cake mix count towards the $25! So, you don't have to buy as many items & that will bring your OOP way down! Remember to get your free OJ and I will cross my fingers that all of your EQs come off! Good luck!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I love checking your blog for deals! I looked at everything you did and headed over to Safeway today. I had such a bad experience! They would only let me use 2 IP coupons for my entire transaction, only let me use 3 of the same coupon and would only let me use 2 BC frosting coupons (she said you can't use a coupon on an item you are getting free) well I have before. Can you please tell me what Safeway you go to? Thanks for all your help!

  4. Becky! I am so sorry! Safeway is so irritating with their ever changing coupon policies by location. I go to the Safeway on Val Vista/Southern & avoid an older cashier (AKA coupon nazi) like the plague. I have never heard of only 2 IP per transaction! I would talk to the store manager or call corporate and have their coupon policy in hand ( As far as the 3 like Q rule, they are correct on that, but I rarely have a cashier enforce it. If they do, I always try to have a mixture of MQs and IPQs so they are Qs for the same item, but not identical. There is no reason you can't use a Q on a free item- they are getting reimbursed for it. I am so sorry. Try to profile your cashiers and go for the younger guys. They aren't as cranky as the older ladies. Good luck!


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