Friday, February 5, 2010

Wags & Safeway

We use lots of Axe at our house so between the 25% off Axe sale, 2 free movie tickets wyb 5 Axe, and the $5 Wags RR when you spend $25, it was a perfect storm for me!

10.00 Joint Juice powder mix FREE
3.21 Axe deodorant (5) 25% off sale
.69 Royal jello - filler
26.74 + 2.10 tax = 28.84 subtotal
-.49 Wags in-ad Q Royal jello
-1/1 Axe IPQs and peelies (4) only had 4
22.25 subtotal paid with $18 RR & 4.25 on gcard
Earned $10 RR (Joint Juice) + $5 Wags RR + 2 free movie tickets cat

SUMMARY = $7.25 cost before factoring in 2 movie tickets.

I think $7 for 2 movie tickets is a smoking deal, so I am happy with this transaction. I found a couple of $2/1 Axe shampoo peelies on the Axe deodorant (I've been hearing about these). If I can gather up a few more tomorrow, it may be worth it to grab 5 shampoos for 2 more movie tickets.

Well, the eQs, free Best Foods mayo, & free Mission tortillas sucked me into Safeway today. As usual, some eQs did not come off as expected, but lots did creating some nice overage for the dairy and produce. The first 4 items listed are part of the Buy 4, Save $4 event.

2.00 Fiber One chewy bars -.40/1 MQ 1/3 GM, -.40 eQs = .60
1.50 Nature Valley granola bars 1.20 eQs = .30
1.50 Lucky Charms 1.10 eQs = .40
1.50 Nature Valley Nut Clusters -1/1 IPQ, -3.00 eQs = 2.50 overage
3.89 Best Foods mayo -1.90 in-ad Q, -1/1 MIT SW Q, -.75/1 IPQ = .01 overage
2.49 Lucerne cheese -.55/1 Real CA cheese IPQ = 1.49
2.19 Lucerne milk (2) -.55/1 Real CA milk IPQ (2) = 1.19 each
BEFORE Qs =17.26
AFTER Qs =1.66 paid on giftcard

3.89 Best Foods mayo -1.90 in-ad Q, -1/1 MIT SW Q, -.60/1 1/31 RP=.01 overage
1.99 Mission tortillas (2) -1/1 in-ad Q (2), -1/1 Mission IPQ adj (2) = FREE
1.89 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (6) -.95/1 PB IPQ (6), -1/2 PB MIT SWQ (3) = .39 each before cat, .27 overage each after cat
2.49 Lucerne cheese -.55/1 Real CA cheese IPQ = 1.49
2.00 Yoplait Fiber One yogurt -1/1 IPQ, -3.00 eQs = 2.00 overage
1.55 bananas .59/lb.
BEFORE Qs = 25.25
AFTER Qs = 3.37 paid with $2.50 SW cat + .87 on gcard
Earned $4 OYNO for buying 6 Pillsbury
SUMMARY = .63 overage

2.99 Pillsbury Savorings (2) -1/2 1/3 GM, -3.55 eQs = .72 each
3.89 Best Foods mayo -1.90 in-ad Q, -1/1 MIT SWQ, -.60/1 MQ 1/31 RP = .01 overage
.11 tax
BEFORE Qs = 9.98
AFTER Qs = 1.53 paid on giftcard

1.25 Ragu (2) -.30/1 1/31 RP (2), -1/2 MIT = .25 overage each
3.89 Best Foods mayo -1.90 in-ad Q, -1/1 MIT SWQ, -.60/1 1/31 RP= .01 overage
5.99 Wholly Guacamole BOGO sale -BOGO MQ = 2 free
.13 tax
BEFORE Qs = 12.51
AFTER Qs = -.38 cashier gave me the change :)

SW Summary = 2.18 cost


  1. Wow! you rocked the safeway deals. I had to grab a couple things as prep for the b-day/superbowl celebration this weekend, so I ended up going to safeway b/c I could use overage from a lot of these items to pay for stuff that I didn't have q's for. Thanks for showing me the multiple EQ trick, it worked great and made me feel a little better about my non-couponed items since I could use the overage from the other stuff (I hate when I'm forced to buy stuff at full price, that's the worst).

    I also was able to snag free softsoap pumps with the 35/1 Q that we got in a recent insert.

    Have a good weekend girl!!!

  2. Great job at safeway! I am jealous of the B1G1 guac Qs, you must of got those in cali? And of course the great $0.95 IPs are gone already, I should have printed them as soon as I read about them. I keep forgetting the $1/2 Pillsbury MIT helps bring down the cheap pillsbury items when you have some decent pillsbury Qs! Of course.. how many cinnamon rolls do I really need?
    I am huge right now! :-)

  3. Thank you for all the help you have given me - I save a lot of money by reading your blog. I want to take advantage of Safeways deals = I need tortias but not sure what coupons you used. What is IPQ stand for? Thanks Carmen

  4. Hi: Thank you for posting your great deals. Can you please tell me what stores you found your Axe peelies. Thank you!

  5. J- I'm so glad the eQ game is working for you. I just have to remember not to be mad when they don't all deduct. Thanks for the reminder about the softsoap! I will definitely grab some of those before the end of the sale. Good luck with all your parties!

    KC- Hi! Yes, that BOGO Wholly Guac Q came from my sweet grandma in California who mails me her inserts. I wish I had more than one - that was a great deal! I need to STOP buying cinnamon rolls, so maybe its a blessing that you didn't get to print the .95 Qs. :) And you are completely justified in being "huge" right now- which I'm sure is an exaggeration and just a reflection of how you feel being 7 months pregnant. You amaze me with all your deals while being pregnant & having a toddler. Incredible!

    Hi Carmen- I'm so glad to hear you are able to save your family money. Couponing is a great way to bring down monthly expenses. IPQ means internet printable coupon. On the right side of my blog, there is a link to the Slick Deals database where you can view an alphabetized list of current IPQs. I emailed you the link for the Mission tortilla IPQs.

    Anon- Hi! After searching at several Wags stores, I found the peelies at Greenfield & Southern. I looked there a few weeks ago, so this is newer stock. Hopefully, we'll see a lot more of these peelies pop up over the next few weeks. Thanks for the comment!

  6. btw....I was at Target today on Power/Southern, they have 1.00/1 peelies for Axe on the Axe trial sizes ....good for 1.00 off any Axe (besides trial). It looked like some ppl had ripped off peelies and threw on the shelf because they did not want them. They had plenty left.

  7. Thanks Sheryl! I hope there are still some there when I get there. Those are some of my favorite Qs. Thanks again!


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