Thursday, February 25, 2010

Safeway P&G Deal ($95 in P&G products & no cash out of my pocket!)

There is a great deal on P&G products at Safeway through Tuesday, 3/2. When you buy $25 worth of participating products, you'll receive a cat for $10 OYNO. I did 3 transactions today, spent zero OOP, and got some great deals.

#1: All of my eQs came from P&G E-Saver which can be found on the right side of my blog.
#2: The Mr. Clean is priced at 3.49 wyb 1, 1.99 wyb 3 or more. The 3.49 price is counting towards the $25 requirement, making this an awesome deal if you have the HMS (Home Made Simple) Qs. If you don't know what Home Made Simple is, click here!

4.99 Bounce dryer bar -$1.50/1 2/21 PG, -$1/1 eQ = 2.49
1.99 Mr. Clean cleaner (6) -.75/1 HMS MQ (6) = .99 each
BEFORE Qs = 16.93
AFTER Qs = 8.43 + 1.26 tax = 9.69 total paid on giftcard
Received $10 OYNO
SUMMARY = .31 profit

2.49 Dawn Direct Foam -1.50/1 HMS MQ, -.50/1 eQ = .49
5.99 Tide detergent -.35/1 Tide 2/7 PG, -.35 eQ = 4.64
6.99 Tide stain booster -Free wyb Tide 2/7 PG, -$1 eQ = $1 profit
3.00 Febreze -.50/1 HMS MQ = 2.00
1.99 Mr. Clean cleaner (4) -.75/1 HMS MQ (4) = .99 each
BEFORE Qs = 26.43
AFTER Qs = 10.09 + 1.15 tax = 11.24
Paid with $10 cat & 1.24 on giftcard
Received $10 OYNO
SUMMARY = 1.24 cost
#1: The Febreze scent "Linen & Sky" did not trigger the eQ to deduct. If you want your eQ to come off, don't buy that scent.
#2: The Tide stain booster doesn't count towards the $25 cat deal, but it was a moneymaker and it will help my totals for the P&G $50 Q book & $10 Visa card wyb $25 products. More on that later...

3.00 Febreze Air Effects (2) -.50/1 HMS MQ (2), -$1 eQ = 1.50 each
10.99 Swiffer starter kit -3/1 Swiffer MQ from inside Pampers box = 7.99
8.49 Swiffer wet refills -Free wyb starter kit HMS MQ = FREE
1.00 Nivea lip care (2) -BOGO MQ 2/7 RP (cashier entered 1.99?) = .01 for both
BEFORE Qs = 27.48
AFTER Qs = 11.00 + 2.18 tax = 13. 18
Paid with $10 cat & 3.18 on giftcard
Received $10 OYNO
SUMMARY = 3.18 cost
NOTES: I had read reports that the Nivea BOGO MQ was auto deducting 2.99 for 2 lip products making a .99 moneymaker for every 2 purchased. There was no auto deducting for me. The Q beeped and the cashier put in 1,99. Maybe that was the price before the sale was factored in? I don't know, but either way, I got both lip products for a penny.

These deals are pretty awesome on their own, but the deals get even sweeter!
I have easily qualified for this coupon booklet with my 3 transactions today. I will send off for this tomorrow!
Go For The Gold Rebate - $10 prepaid Visa giftcard wyb $25 P&G products
To get in on this rebate, you have to find the tearpad rebate form. I grabbed mine at Safeway, but I've also seen them at Albie's & Bashas. Here is a link to the details, as posted at Hot Coupon World.
FINAL SUMMARY: $4.11 cost before Visa rebate card, $6.89 profit after :)


  1. WOW...thanks. I am going to do this tonight! Thanks so much for sharing...

  2. My free tide stain release coupon says only good on 75oz or larger..not sure if it would work with the smaller tide?

  3. Growin- Thanks for the comments! I didn't notice the size restriction on that TIde stain release Q! Neither did my cashier. Sorry about that... just omit that from your purchase. It doesn't count towards the $25 cat requirement anyway. Thanks for pointing that out!

  4. you got lucky! your blog!

  5. Seriously, nicely done!!! How do you get so many HMS booklets?

  6. Crockett- Thanks! I had quite an accumulation of HMS books. Each time a new link comes out, I always sign up for a new book. Check out Southwest Savings' blog under AZ blogs on the right side of my blog. She posted 4 new HMS links today. Sign up for all of those ASAP. It won't help with this SW deal, but who knows what deal is right around the corner!

  7. NP!you can link any posts I make to your blog.

    Gr8 run!! I just wanted to give a HU!! on the Reusable bag rack which sits right on the end of the checkout counters it states that you can save 10% off your total grocery bill when you use reusable bags. I forgot mine today, but will definitely ask when I go before the HBO sale ends.

    Thx!! for stopping by :)

  8. Same here...the tide coupon from the P&G is only with the 75 oz or larger...I didnt want to try it, my local store is SUPER accommodating, i would hate for them to turn the other way.


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