Thursday, February 18, 2010

Safeway & Bashas

I found lots of fun surprises in my mailbox today! I signed up for a free freezer tote bag from Sam's Club, so I got that today. It's actually really big and I am excited to use it for my shopping trips. It will especially come in handy during the hot summer when I am running in and out of stores. I also got an issue of my free Parenting subscription and a $25 transfer check for Walgreens. What a fantastic mail day!
1.00 Progresso soup (2) -1.00 in eQs, -.25/1 MQ (2), -.75/2 MIT = 1.75 overage
1.67 Nabisco 100 calorie snacks with in-ad Q (3) -1/1 MIT (3), -.50/2 MQ from pharmacy booklet = .33 each
2.19 milk (3) -.55/1 Real CA milk IPQ (3) = 1.19 each
2.00 Lean Pockets -.40/1 MQ from inside box, -.55/1 eQ = .45
2.00 GoGurt -.35/1 2/7 GM = 1.00
1.00 Right Guard deodorant (8) -$2/2 Right Guard IPQ (4), -$2/2 Safeway eQ = $2 overage
1.99 Orroweat bread (with in-ad Q)
1.28 grapes (.99/lb.)
BEFORE Qs = 32.54 subtotal
AFTER Qs = 6.35 on giftcard
I had some rainchecks for Ronzoni pasta, so I cashed those in today.
.99 Ronzoni pasta (4) -.75/1 12/6 SS = FREE!
I also grabbed 4 cans of .50 Bumble Bee tuna for free after my 2 $1/2 Recycle Bank Qs. If you aren't using Recycle Bank, check out this post.
No OOP at Bashas - free is my favorite price :)


  1. Great Job!!
    I got my cooler bag today in the mail as well and ur right it's awesome, good to use at the grocery stores for an extra 5 cents off of the total.

    BTW which milk r you buying to use the California Milk Q. I didn't see that milk at the SW i shop at


  2. Thanks Eve! I use those Qs on the Lucerne products (milk, cottage cheese, string cheese, sour cream, etc). The actual gallons don't normally have the seal, but I've had a couple of managers tell me they bottle the milk in Pleasanton, CA. The Lucerne cheese usually has the seal on it. I don't ever have a problem using those Qs on that milk. The problem comes because those Qs NEVER SCAN. EVER. I have printed them every size and shape imaginable and still nothing. 9 times out of 10, the cashier just manually enters the Q. But, one in a while, I get a grumpy cashier who won't take them. I always have a stack in my coupon stash because I am always in need of milk or cheese and its nice to only pay 1.19 per gallon. Good luck!

  3. Thx!! I'll update my last post and I also will try this Q on the Lucerne whole milk.

  4. Great idea to use the freezer tote on shopping trips! I got mine today!!! Woohoo!!! I always worry about my frozen items when I have to make multiple shopping trips. Now I'm wishing I had more freezer bags. :p

    I think Target is one (and CVS if you have the green tag), but are there any other stores that give you $off if you BYO bag?
    Thanks for the great tips girl!!!

  5. Eve- Good luck!

    J- I thought the same thing yesterday, why didn't I request more bags? :) I know Bashas does the bag credit, but I'm not sure about Albie's or Safeway. I will test it out and report back!

  6. Albertsons and Frys also gives you 5 cents off for every bag you bring in. You have to remind alot of the cashiers to do it. Safeway does not give and credit for the bags. They are great for the earth to use your own bags!!!! No more plastic everywhere!!!

  7. Thanks Anon- good to know! Safeway needs to get on board with everyone else!


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