Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wags Friends & Family 15% Discount Day

I was excited to grab a bunch more diapers at 1.64 per pack with the 15% off discount Friday. It kind of turned into a disaster because none of my Wags had any Joint Juice or men's Dove to roll the RR back and forth. And the Huggies $3 RR stopped rolling ealier in the week, so my options were limited. When I realized my original plan wasn't going to work, I tried to cash in all my RR on a giftcard and just buy the diapers on a giftcard. No go. My cashier said no using RR to pay for a giftcard. I explained I was using the overage from other items to pay for the giftcard, but she was not having it. So, here's what I did, after spending almost 2 hours in Walgreens:

All prices reflect the 15% off price...
7.64 Huggies 1.64
.57 3 Musketeer's (4) .05 each
6.48 subtotal + .55 tax
Paid with $6 RR & 1.03 on giftcard
Earned 4.50 RR (3 Huggies, 1.50 3 Musketeers)
SUMMARY: 2.53 cost

At this point, I wanted to do another Axe/movie ticket deal and the next 2 weeks at Wags don't look that exciting, so I just decided to cash out all my RR.

5.09 Axe shampoo (2) 3.09
3.65 Axe deodorant (3) 3.65
.42 Vday candy (4) fillers
22.81 subtotal
-2/1 Axe shampoo peelies (2)
16.81 paid with (5) $3 Huggies RR & a 1.50 3 Musketeers RR
Put 2.02 on a giftcard and earned 2 free movie tickets

I will jump back into Wags when a great deal comes up. I have a love/hate relationship with Wags. When the deals are good, I can't get enough. But I get easily frustrated with all the "rules" and have to take a break every now and then. If I don't post again before tomorrow, have a Happy Valentine's day!


  1. Bummer on the gift card, I had a cashier deny me once this week.. but I was able to do it at another store yesterday. I just have to pick the right cashier, I know as long as I buy enough items for Qs.. then it will work out fine. However if an explanation is necessary, it will probably just go down hill from there.

    I was bummed that the Huggies RR stopped rolling before I even bought any... so I only planned on doing a couple, but then when I saw the night time pull ups were included I decided to blow a chunk of my Wag gift card money on some since it was only about $3 net cost to do so...

    I hope I can find something to spend my RR on.. I have about $15 in ($3 RR) + another $1.50... I hate just blowing them on overpriced stuff.. but then again that is better than letting them expire! I may have to think about the axe deal, I like movie tickets.. but we really don't need the axe aroudn here, so dilemmas, dilemmas!!

  2. KC- I was excited to see Pull Ups were included in the sale for Quinn. Those are expensive and I am not looking forward to dealing with that costly phase of childhood! You did great- your transactions all had low OOP. I agree with you, I didn't mind spending RRs and gift card money on diapers. When diapers are priced that low, you have to stock up! The Axe deal worked for me because whenever my husband runs out of Axe deodorant and has to use free Right Guard or something like that, he gets grumpy. :) Better to have Axe stocked up that I got for no OOP cost and 2 free movie tickets too!

  3. I usually am able to buy stamps with my RR, mostly because it's a manager that brings that stamps up and often times ends up ringing me up. It's funny that a manager is more lenient than most of the cashiers!

    Luckily my WGs were stocked with JJ and Dove so I was able to get 4 JJ, 7 Dove and 7 Huggies (and a bunch of fillers) for less than $18 OOP, and have $36 RR left to spend!

  4. Also, did you see that Safeway MIT q book has $1/1 Wish Bone dressing q? Would make them $.25 after $1.50/2 1/31 RP! It also has a $1/2 Pillsbury q that would be sweet to combine with the catalina deal

  5. Born2Save- I'm glad to hear you were able to grab a bunch of diapers! Yay for well stocked stores. :) I have been checking my Safeway for good deals on the Wishbone dressing, because that is a high value coupon! I didn't get the 1.50/2 Q and my store didn't have the hangtags I've been hearing about. I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks for the comments!


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