Monday, February 15, 2010

Free toothpaste at CVS

Well, the Wags deals are really lacking this week and next week, so unless some crazy, unadvertised deal comes up, I will probably be at CVS more often. Stopped in for a quick toothpaste run today...

2.99 Colgate toothpaste (1) .51 profit
3.50 Crest toothpaste (2) .75 profit each
.33 chocolate - filler
.81 tax
11.13 subtotal
-8.00 EBs
-.75/1 Crest toothpaste MQ 1/17 PG (2)
-1.50/1 Colgate toothpaste MQ found at Safeway pharmacy
.13 paid on giftcard, earned $9 EB (7 Crest, 2 Colgate)
SUMMARY = .87 profit

I forgot to scan my green bag tag :(, but I remembered that if you give EBs first, then MQs, the MQs will eat into your tax. Which is exactly what happened :) My subtotal before tax was -.68 and no beeps. Yay!


  1. Good to know about giving EBs first! Especially in AZ where we have to pay tax on pre-coupon price! Thanks!

  2. Wheat- I know! We need all the help we can get out here in Arizona! Thanks for the comment. :)


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