Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick Safeway Trip

I was excited about the free Betty Crocker cookie mix and cheap Betty Crocker brownie mix this week, so I headed to Safeway today with my eQs loaded up and ready to go.
2.00 Chex Mix -.50/1 IPQ, -1.50 eQs = .50 overage
1.39 BC frosting -.50/1 MQ 2/7 SS, -1.50 eQs = 1.11 overage
.69 BC brownie mix (wyb 4) (4) .50/2 MQs from inside boxes (2) .19 each
.99 BC cookie mix (wyb 4) (5) -.40/1 MQ 2/7 SS (5), -.40/1 eQ = .09 overage each
1.99 Toll House morsels -.75/1 IPQ, -.50 eQ = .49
2.00 Go-Gurt (2) -.35/1 MQ 2/7 SS (2), -1.60 eQs = .20 each
.50 Yoplait cups (6) -.40/6 2/7 SS, -1.50 eQs = .08 each
2.00 Fiber One yogurt -1/1 MQ 2/7 SS, -1.00 eQ = FREE
Total before Qs = 22.09
After Qs = -2.09

I wasn't sure why my total was negative, so I threw a couple of Reese's candy bars on the order. I figured it was probably a couple of extra eQs that came off. I ended up paying .92 OOP on my debit card because I couldn't find my Safeway giftcard. I left it in my car. :( Darn it. That's a good lesson for me to remember to put things back where they belong.

After studying my receipt, I realized there were 4 coupons for the Go-Gurt scanned, when there should have only been 2. I think my cashier may have accidentally scanned each one twice. I'll go back tomorrow because I want to stay on my local Safeway's good side and I want to be able to sleep at night too. :)

After work, I went back and grabbed the 3 gallons of milk and cottage cheese, using 4 Real CA dairy Qs to bring my total down to 4.26. I paid with a $4 Pillsbury catalina and .26 on my giftcard.
Tomorrow, I am heading to Wags for the 15% off family and friends event. I'll stock up on the rest of my diapers at an even lower price than I got earlier in the week! Hooray!


  1. Where did you find the $1.50 of eQs for the frosting? I see your links on the side, but I can't seem to find those exact coupons.

  2. Anon- Thanks for the comment! The 1.50 in eQs I am referring to is an accumulation of eQs from Cellfire, Shortcuts, & Safeway. I had 3 seperate .50/1 eQs loaded onto my card from those sites. I would recommend loading all available eQs to your cards and then you will start to see duplicates of the same Q, which all come off on one item purchased at Safeway.

  3. Where are you getting the "Real CA diary" Q's? I thought they expired 1/31 from the dairy site. Are there new Q's?

    Thanks! Melissa

  4. Hi Melissa! The Real CA dairy Qs were reset on their website with coupons that expire January 2011. Another year of cheap dairy- yay! You can access them through the Printable Database on the right side of my blog. Thanks!

  5. I couldn't find the Betty crocker coupons anywhere :(

  6. Which ones? The cookie mix ones? They were in last Sunday's SS or GM, depending on which inserts you get. Or, grab some La Voz newspapers. They are in that one too. I hope you can find some before Tuesday!


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